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Lambs Breath Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The marijuana strain Lamb’s Bread, referred to as “Lamb’s Breath,” is a Sativa with unusually shaped, light green buds resembling sheep’s wool balls.

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The marijuana strain Lamb’s Bread, referred to as “Lamb’s Breath,” is a Sativa with unusually shaped, light green buds resembling sheep’s wool balls. It is thought that Lamb’s Bread has energizing and invigorating benefits. Lambs Breath is undoubtedly a strain that every cannabis smoker wants to try out at least once. It is frequently recognized as the strain of choice of the iconic and highly acclaimed singer Bob Marley.

These seeds will now provide a far more practical method of growing while still delivering some of the highest highs in the Marijuana market because they are available in an autoflowering variant! If you grow this plant, you’ll immediately note that the buds are an intense, pure shade of green. The enormous, frozen trichome-covered buds are huge.

Do you like what you hear? Lambs Breath Strain Autoflower Marijuana Seeds from Crop King Seeds is now available here at Rocket Seeds to get a taste. This current variety is suitable for growers with goals for both personal usage and professional success. Never settle for marijuana that is inferior to what is found in dispensaries.

What is Lambs Breath Strain?

This variety was first discovered in Jamaica, where it naturally flourished. Recently, while being hard to get in North America, this strain has become more and more popular. Because of this, growing your own plants is the most convenient way to enjoy the advantages of this strain. Being a potent Sativa, you can assume that this strain will give you a fascinating cerebral high, which becomes apparent as soon as the high begins to take effect. It also has a significant amount of THC, typically between 19 and 25%. The high begins to take effect quickly, having an almost immediate impact on the intellect while simultaneously stimulating the entire body.


  • The smell of the lamb’s Breath is also strong and unique. It doesn’t take long to pick up on the cheesy and pungent smell, comparable to freshly smoked tobacco.
  • Hints of acidic, piney, and woody flavors are present, along with solid scents. On the other hand, the smoke differs from the aroma in that it has creamy and sweet undertones, making it both tasty and enjoyable to breathe in.


  • It produces solid and unique sweet cheese flavors with a hint of skunkiness. It also produces strongly sour tones that have the potential to dominate the entire space with their distinct aromas.
  • This marijuana strain’s flavor is earthy and sweet, potentially producing a nice cloud of smoke. Additionally, it emits notes of pine, sweetness, and wood that will linger on your palate for a while.


  • It develops buds with open, fluffy calyxes typical of conventional Sativa strains. The nuggets are lighter, longer, and cone-shaped. The milky and amber trichomes that coat the bud’s surface range in color from pale green to forest green. The appearance is summed up by the protruding rusty-orange pistils.

Strain Profile

  • Strain Parents: Jamaican Sativa x Ruderalis
  • Strain Dominant: Sativa-dominant
  • CBD Content: 0.32%
  • THC Content: 19-25%
  • Flowering Time: 7 to 9 Weeks

Lambs Breath Strain Growing Information

The Lambs Breath Autoflower is a challenging one to grow. This breed can be developed in climates like the Equatorial, Hot, or Mediterranean. An indoor environment is your best bet if you are outside the previously indicated weather. You can keep a constant and stable temperature within the grow chamber indoors. Install fans to optimize air circulation based on the number of plants you are growing. The plants can take in enough sunlight and oxygen if the lowest branches and leaves are pruned.

Given that this strain is resistant to mold and mildew, a humidifier is unnecessary. When growing outside, be sure your region has a stable environment. The Lambs Breath cannabis strain must be protected from strong winds and rain by a shed or canopy. Since this strain tends to spread its branches and leaves, regular trimming is essential.

Lambs Breath Strain Medical Benefits

Since it is thought to heal various illnesses, doctors advise their patients to take Lambs Breath Strain. Unlike most strains, which might make you feel drowsy or body-heavy, it can help you unwind and clear your thoughts. It can help you relax and clear your thoughts without feeling physically weighed down or dazed, making it perfect for alleviating the effects of chronic stress. This Sativa-dominant strain also improves mood by easing several anxiety and depressive symptoms. It may be helpful for some conditions, including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This is because this variant also works as a potent relaxant, helping you feel happier and more at ease.

Final Thoughts

Lambs Breath is a must-try if you’re interested in what Bob Marley smoked when he composed some of his most well-known songs. It has delectable flavors and an alluring scent that makes smoking a pleasure. Lambs Breath marijuana strains are the finest if you want a head high with enough energy to lift your spirits. It will introduce you to a profound Jamaican tradition and give you a robust elevation. You will receive powerful benefits from purchasing this strain, which is also one of the best premium Sativa strains on the market. Get yours now! Only here at Rocket Seeds

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lamb’s Breath?

Lamb’s Breath, sometimes referred to as Lamb’s Bread is a renowned Sativa favored by users seeking a cerebral strain that can be smoked all day long.

Where does Lamb’s Breath come from?

The Jamaican Sativa strain has a long history and has a phenotype called Lamb’s Breath.

What effects does Lamb’s Breath have?

Users claim that Lamb’s Breath’s ensuing mood high provides an upbeat and euphoric experience that is ideal for people looking for a strain to keep them motivated and at ease.

What color does Lamb’s Breath have?

Large, dense, golden-green buds covered in trichomes and burned orange pistils will result from Lamb’s Breath buds that have been appropriately cured.