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Afghan Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Known as one of the most legendary strains throughout history the Afghan strain has been around for a long period of time to cement that reputation. This strain is still a genuine Indica variety despite being feminized. The feminized Afghan strain resembles the original Afghan strain, which has a high THC content and excellent calming effects.

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Afghani Strain is a marvel in its own right, giving a potent physical high that instantly calms the body and elevates your mood.This is a highly resilient plant with a unique hash taste and scent.  This feminized strain won’t have any male flowers, which is the only distinction. As a result, since you are certain that every flower is female, your yields will be larger. It is very simple to grow because of its immunity to pests and mold, just like the standard Afghan weed.

Enjoy a unique experience when you purchase Afghan Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds here at Rocket Seeds, this will be a staple to your day. Your order will be delivered to you quickly, discreetly, and with the utmost care to maintain the viability of the seeds.

What is the Afghan Strain?

The Afghan strain is a beautiful experience that is 100% purebred and has an amazing yield, a lovely scent, and a wonderfully sleepy effect. This strain is a wonder unto itself as it produced many champion strains and produces a powerful physical high that instantly calms the body and elevates your mood. Be prepared for a relaxed, euphoric, and possibly a little playful night. In keeping with their indica nature, these marijuana seeds are easy to grow. Their physical beauty flowers covered in the crystal-like resin may only be surpassed by their high THC content which is 19-24%, which results in a crop that ranges from 16 to 21 ounces, depending on the location of the cultivation.

Be prepared for a relaxed, euphoric, and possibly a little giggly night. Its aroma is earthy and sweet, and its flavor is reminiscent of pine with lingering notes of spice and herbs. Although Afghani has unquestionable recreational potential, patients have profited immensely from its capacity to treat chronic diseases like chronic pain and anxiety.


  • This strain is said to have a woodsy, earthy scent with a little bit of spice. According to users, the aroma makes them think of new blossoms in a field surrounded by pine trees.


  • This strain has a robust, woody flavor that is similar to a black hash, which is usually made from flowers. It could be too harsh for some people, but if you give it a chance, like coffee, you’ll learn to appreciate it.


  • This strain has a light to medium green color with a thick layer of trichomes on top. They are primarily covered in orange hairs. To the touch, they should feel quite sticky and oily.

Strain Profile

  • Strain Parents:  Afghan landrace
  • Strain Dominant:  Indica-dominant
  • CBD Content:  0.02%
  • THC Content:   19-24%
  • Flowering Time: 9 weeks

Afghan Strain Growing Information

It is simple to grow the Afghan marijuana strain both indoors and outdoors. Warm, sunny, and slightly humid surroundings are their favorite. Because of their small stature, these plants require assistance in optimal air circulation. The center of the plants will receive greater air circulation with the help of some of the lower leaves and branches being cut.  In nine weeks, they will have finished flowering, at which point they can be collected. Expect short, bushy plants that develop to a height of between 60 and 100 cm when cultivated indoors. To encourage better growth, you must prune and trim them. When cultivated outdoors it can produce up to 600 grams of marijuana per plant after 7-8 weeks of flowering when grown outdoors under ideal conditions, which include lots of sunlight and organic soil.

What are the Medical Benefits of Afghan Strain?

The Afghan strain can help people who experience stress, anxiety, or depression because of the relaxing impact that this cannabis strain has. However, what makes this strain most effective is when it is used to treat sleeplessness. It is said to have strong pain-relieving qualities as well. This can help you get rid of headaches, migraines, stiffness, and muscle aches. Those who don’t have a good appetite will also have their palates stimulated by its impact.

Final Thoughts

Since the early 1970s, the Afghan strain, a pure Indica landrace from the mountains of the middle east, has attracted a large following due to its powerful sedative effects and all-natural flavor. It served as the parent strain for a number of hybrids that rose to popularity on par with this strain. When you choose Rocket Seeds, we guarantee that you will receive the best-possible feminized marijuana seeds at the lowest possible price. You can always get hold of wholesale feminized marijuana seeds right here at Rocket Seeds!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the other Afghan strain variant?

The other two Afghan variants are Afghan regular seeds and Afghan autoflowering seeds.

Can a beginner grow Afghan feminized marijuana seeds?

Yes! This feminized marijuana seeds are very good for growers of any level as of the fact that this strain has very low maintenance, it can thrive in any environment meaning it can go in either indoors or outdoors, and lastly it is already feminized meaning there is no need to worry about growing male plants.

How long will it take to harvest Afghan feminized marijuana seeds?

The flowering stage of this strain grown from feminized seeds typically takes 9 weeks. The time it takes the cannabis plant to mature from seed to harvest can differ, but according to experts, it usually takes between 10 and 32 weeks.