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Marijuana seeds? Cannabis seeds? Weed seeds? Look no further, Rocket Seeds is here! If you’re looking for the best place to find the highest quality cannabis seeds to buy in Australia you’ve come to the right place. We have a very good selection of different types of cannabis seeds for sale here in Rocket Seeds from regularfeminizedautoflowering, and high CBD marijuana seeds we’ve got them all. We have 600+ exclusive strains of high quality, fast-germinating marijuana seeds that have guaranteed germination of 80%.


What are feminized cannabis seeds? Feminized cannabis seeds have been genetically modified to produce female plants that make an effort to fertilize themselves by producing pollen sacs.The possibility of male plants developing can be decreased through the process of “Rodelization,” which involves using the pollen of new female plants to bloom the original hermaphroditic plants. It is the best choice if you only want to grow female marijuana plants without ever thinking about  growing male marijuana plants.

Do you only want to grow female cannabis plants? With feminized marijuana seeds, you don’t need to ever worry about growing male marijuana plants. In Rocket Seeds we offer the best and highest quality of feminized marijuana seeds in Australia.


What are autoflowering cannabis seeds? Autoflowering cannabis seeds move into their flowering stage regardless of the light cycle. Autoflowering seeds are from Cannabis Ruderalis, a rare variety of cannabis that evolved in northern locations with long summer days. The majority of autoflowering seeds are developed using a conventional sativa or indica strain because Ruderalis plants have a lower THC concentration. If you do not want to worry about ever worrying about light cycles.

Don’t want to depend on light cycles? Then the Rocket Seeds autoflowering cannabis seeds is the right choice for you. We offer the best quality of autoflowering marijuana seeds in Australia.


Trying to breed new marijuana? The Rocket Seeds regular cannabis seeds are for you. Our regular weed seeds are known to be premium and world class with the best genetics offered in the market. We have something for you whether you are just starting your grow or want to keep harvesting. If you want to develop both female and male plants in your yard, regular marijuana seeds are the best for you. Order now to start your journey in growing your own marijuana plant!


Do you want fast growing cannabis seeds? In Rocket Seeds we offer fast version marijuana seeds for sale. Our fast version weed seeds grow in no time and you can harvest it the soonest. We guarantee that you can catapult your yield with our fast version marijuana seeds as you will be harvesting a few weeks earlier compared to regular seeds. We also guarantee that our seeds are premium and will fully germinate to provide you with an easier planting experience. Order now to get your fast version weed seeds online right here on Rocket Seeds.


Want to have the best cannabis seeds with the best effects? Then the Rocket Seeds CBD marijuana seeds are the right choice. Trust that we have what you require if you’re seeking a specific strain required for a specific type of medical issue. Our CDB weed seeds have guaranteed potency and freshness so, order now and we will deliver it right to your doorstep in the quickest possible way.


There are many growers that find it to be a challenging and a little bit intimidating process to buy marijuana seeds from seed banks online. Cannabis growers who buy their seed for the first time from online seed banks may have concerns as to whether their transaction is even legal.

Crop king Seeds


Established in 2005, Crop King Seeds has been perfecting the genetics of the cannabis plant for medical and commercial grower seeking maximum results in THC levels and harvest size.


Mary Jane’s Garden offers you the best marijuana seeds from some of the most popular cannabis strains in the world. Established in 2003 with team of scouts to find the best seed genetics.


Sunwest Genetics aims to help preserve and improve cannabis genetics for future generations to come. We sell a wide range of cannabis seeds that we can deliver swiftly to your doorstep.


Sonoma Seeds is your West Coast based, premium cannabis seed supplier. We hand pick which strains to provide by choosing top quality cannabis plants with the best genetics.

BEAVER SEEDS started in 2009 and is a 100% owned and is a world renowned seed bank. Unlike other seed banks that carry inferior seeds we only have the most popular strains people want.


Rocket Seeds aims to provide the best cannabis seed catalog in Australia! Our selection offers award-winning genetics in Regular, Feminized, Autoflower Feminized, and CBD seeds.

Where to buy the best quality cannabis seeds in Australia?

You’ve come to the right site if you’re seeking the best store to get the best marijuana seeds in Australia online. Here at Rocket Seeds, we have a wide variety of cannabis seeds available in many forms, including reuglar, feminized, autoflowering, and high CBD varieties.

Through our secure payment procedures and convenient discrete shipment, we guarantee the protection and safety of your information. Every single one of our weed seeds Australia goes through a thorough screening procedure and is checked for defects or damages.

What you need to know about cannabis seeds?

If you’re looking to buy cannabis seeds online in Australia, you should first fully comprehend the growing procedure, there are many seed varieties, and the level of care you may provide for your seeds. Choosing the right of cannabis you want to produce should be one of your first priorities. Different strains produce different seeds, which in turn produce various types of marijuana.

To buy marijuana seeds Australia you can pick from Indica, Sativa, Hybrid and CBD strains when purchasing cannabis seeds. You can check into several strains that will have various impacts depending on the THC level you’re going for in your finished product. Cannabis production can be challenging, especially if you have no prior expertise with commercial farming. Considerations include the use of pesticides, watering regimens, humidity, and light cycles. 

In Rocket Seeds we offer various types of cannabis seeds in Australia, but what are these seeds that is? Let’s find out more.


We have 600+ exclusive strains of high quality, fast-germinating marijuana seeds that have guaranteed germination.



Choose the right seeds for you with our different variety of premium cannabis seeds.



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Regular marijuana seeds are just seeds that are either male or female depending on how they develop. Every time you try to germinate a standard seed, you run the possibility of eventually growing a male plant. Male plants are needed to create a breeding program and are an excellent way to create new strains, but they are not as frequently requested by most producers.

Feminized cannabis seeds are female plants that make an effort to pollinate themselves by developing distinctively male pollen sacs. Rodelization, the process of using these hermaphroditic plants’ pollen to blossom additional female plants, can help reduce the likelihood of male plants emerging. A female plant that has been pollinated by a hermaphrodite female will yield feminized seeds, which are highly unlikely to contain male genetic material.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are seeds that regardless of the light cycle, autoflowering seeds will transition to their flowering stage when they reach maturity. Cannabis ruderalis, an uncommon breed of cannabis that developed in northern regions with long summer days, is the source of autoflowering seeds. Due to the decreased THC content of ruderalis plants, most autoflowering seeds are bred using a traditional sativa or indica strain.