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Alien Technology Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The iconic Alien Technology feminized cannabis variety is known for its potent effects, which can last up to six hours and its strength might even transport you to another galaxy.

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The feminized cannabis variety Alien Technology Strain comes from another planet. A pure Indica like this won’t appear again. This strain offers an uplifting high that can persist for several hours—a feature that both recreational and medicinal users seek out. Due to its flavor and scent, Alien Technology Strain Marijuana seeds for sale are in high demand due to their distinctive and exotic aroma which  become a consumer favorite.

You like what you hear? Alien Technology Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds here at Rocket Seeds to get a taste of it. For growers with goals for both personal usage and professional success, this current variety is suitable. And we’re ready to help you start your gardening journey. In order to preserve the viability of the seeds, your order will be delivered to you quickly, discreetly, and with the utmost care.

What is Alien Technology Strain?

Alien Technology was discovered by a US soldier in Afghanistan and possesses characteristics like a prolific resin production and a rich harvest. According to some research that is now accessible, the parent strains must have been Afghani Strain an Afghan Indica landrace. Alien Technology’s complete Indica purity can be attributed in part to the parent strain.

Your brain begins to pay attention to even the minutest details as the effects become stronger. When the sensations start to wear off on you, you can find yourself staring into nothing. Also, it can be difficult to carry out simple duties at this point since your body is too weak. The Indica’s ability to make people hungry contributes to the huge demand for Alien Technology seeds.

This strain has shown to be productive in both recreational and therapeutic fields. Alien Technology’s THC and Indica are the ideal combo to get you high and calm at the same time. It would be the ideal way to unwind after a long day with a session of marijuana grown with Alien Technology Strain.


  • Fresh buds have a pungent and earthy scent. During a session, when you burn the buds, you could detect a woodsy smell filling your nose.


  • You get a pleasant, peppery taste with earthy overtones when you inhale the smoke produced by this strain. You might taste vanilla and petroleum after exhaling the smoke, making you crave more.


  • Alien Technology Strain produce buds that are closely packed. From a distance, the plant resembles a small pine tree covered in snow since the buds are coated in icy white resin.
  • Its unique tint of green with dark patches is what makes it stand out. Additionally, it has white trichomes and pistils that are orange or brown. The pistils and trichomes together give the plant a distinctive, alluring appearance.

Strain Profile

  • Strain Parents:  Afghani
  • Strain Dominant: 100% Indica
  • CBD Content: 0.6%
  • THC Content: 16-23%
  • Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks

Alien Technology Strain Growing Information

The Alien Technology Strain may produce both inside and outside environments. Keep the growing conditions as ideal as possible as a grower. When growing cannabis indoors with Alien Technology seeds, you can anticipate a yield of 350-450 g/m2 (1.1-1.5 oz/ft2). On the other hand, you may anticipate a typical harvest of 16 oz (450 gr) per plant when you grow the strain outdoors. This variety is excellent for novice gardeners and thrives in sunny, cooler regions.

Alien Technology Strain Medical Benefits

The use of Alien Technology Strain to treat a variety of medical ailments has been demonstrated through a number of tests. Its strain’s relaxing qualities can be used therapeutically to treat anxiety problems. As a result, those who are suffering from bipolar disorder, paranoia, or panic attacks can add this strain to their pharmaceutical antidepressants.

Furthermore, managing chronic pain and discomfort is greatly aided by the calming and hypnotic effects of Indica and THC. Arthritis, migraines, and menstruation cramps can all be treated with this as well. Treating Eating and Sleeping disorders is another area where the Indica characteristics of Alien Tech is really important. People with poor eating disorders benefit from the strain because it has been shown to be excellent at causing hunger sensations.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis lovers respect Alien Technology Strain because it unleashes its strong effects in an uncompromising way. Due to its Indica characteristics and moderate THC content, we can explain the crazy effects of Alien technology. The effects could have a sedative impact and leave you couch-locked.

On the other side, its therapeutic claims are also beneficial which makes it more in demand in the market. And right here right now close to you at Rocket Seeds, the best online retailer of premium cannabis seeds worldwide, now here in Australia. You can now purchase the best cannabis seed strains right here at Rocket Seeds. We have a large variety of choices and we guarantee that the products you order are always of premium quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What strain is alien Technology?

An Afghan indica landrace is the ancestor of the indica strain known as Alien Technology. Thanks to its indica ancestry, it produces short, compact, resilient plants. Online sources advise cutting and trellising for the best development and yields even though it is a robust plant that tolerates most situations.

Is Alien Technology Strain Strong?

The fact that the high lasts for more than two hours, and in some cases even up to six hours, demonstrates how potent this strain is. In fact, it is so potent that even the most seasoned users can be satisfied with just a few hits.