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Animal Mints Strain Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

The high from Animal Mint Strain is as wonderful as the flavor, with lingering effects that are ideal for unwinding after a demanding day. The Autoflowering Animal Mint strain produces a strong head and body high, making it suitable for consumption in the evening and after work.

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Animal Mints Strain

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The aroma of this strain when inhaled is sweet, fragrant, and minty. The hybrid strain called Animal Mint combines the effects of Indica and Sativa which will provide you a satisfying and well-rounded high feeling. A ride on the waves is relaxed and energized by the strain, which has an odd influence that is unique for each wave. You cannot adequately describe the kind of vacation you would have. We, at Rocket Seeds, are positive that you will enjoy the experience and want to keep inhaling the animal mints.

What is Animal Mint Strain?

Animal Mint Strain Autoflower was produced by fusing parents of the cannabis strains Blue Power, Girl Scout Cookies, and Animal Cookies. Your mind will initially experience a cerebral influence that leaves you completely stoned and flitting in and out of focus. Animal Mint strain is reported to be ideal for treating chronic pain, sleeplessness, depression, chronic stress, cramps, and muscle spasms as it gives you a full-body heavy high and sends you into couch lock before you pass out in a calm coma because of these effects plus its highly powerful 25-32% average THC level. The strains on this flower are fluffy, large, and shaped like popcorn. They have thin, light amber hairs, small matching trichomes, and a sticky, sweet aroma. It has been reported that Animal Mints can contain up to 32% THC, so keep that in mind when calculating your serving size. However, batches of Animal Mint strain typically have THC levels that range in the teens, demonstrating how drastically the outcomes can differ.


  • As the nugs break apart, the aroma retains the delectable floral notes of its Girl Scout Cookies roots and hints of nutty vanilla.


  • This strain offers a potent flavor and powerful Stoney effects that mostly target the psyche. Animal Mint strain is ideally used in the evening because it produces a sudden rush of euphoria and a profound sense of serenity.


  • The cannabis strain known as “Animal Mint” is not as bushy as Indica strains and has a medium height. Its buds occur in a variety of sizes, some of which becoming quite large as they mature. These crystal trichome-covered buds are dark green in color. The nugs have a purple tint to them as well.

Strain Profile

  • Strain Parents: Blue Power x Girl Scout Cookies x Animal Cookies
  • Strain Dominant: Sativa 50% Indica 50%
  • CBD Content: 1%
  • THC Content: 25-32%
  • Flowering Time: 8 to 10 weeks

Animal Mint Strain Growing Information

About 8 to 10 weeks after germination, Animal Mints Autoflower seeds are ready for harvest. With frosty green blooms that are dense and covered with powerful resin, the yields, which are around 500gr/m2, are far above normal. Because of the genetic blend of Indica and Sativa, it thrives both vertically and horizontally, making indoor cultivation particularly difficult. When cultivating animal mints with the SOG approach, more experienced growers will notice encouraging results, but even then, it will take some work to achieve proper ventilation and light penetration.

Animal Mint Strain Medical Benefits

Since of these benefits and its high average THC content of 15–32 percent, the Animal Mint cannabis strain is excellent for managing appetite loss, persistent weakness, stress, mood fluctuations, and bipolarity. Animal mint strain have been used as a remedy by people who have experienced relief from symptoms related to stress, depression, pain, insomnia, and even muscular spasms.

Final Thoughts

You’ll start to experience a peaceful, cheerful buzz after just a few puffs, and you’ll start to lose focus. A heavy, extremely calming body stone then settles in, quickly sedating your physical form and gluing you to whatever comfortable surface you chance to be on. Avail it here exclusively at Rocket Seeds while stocks are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Animal Mints Indica or Sativa?

50% Indica and 50% Sativa make up the perfectly balanced hybrid strain known as Animal Mints.

Is Animal Mints good for sleep?

Users claim that the strain is calming and uplifting, and that it may assist people with insomnia obtain the rest they require. Animal Mints is regarded as a great bedtime strain because many consumers claim to have fallen asleep after using it.

What strain is Animal Kush Mints?

The traditional Animal Cookies and Kush Mints are combined to create Animal Kush Mints.

Is Animal Mint exotic?

One of the more exotic strains is Animal Mints, originating from a long line of Cookies Fam genetics.

Are Kush Mints strong?

This strain is not suitable for those who lack some THC tolerance. This cannabis strain is quite strong if batches routinely test in the mid to upper 20s or higher. Dry mouth and increased hunger are side effects of high THC.