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Black Cadillac Strain Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

This Black Cadillac Strain, ticks all the appropriate boxes and pleases everyone who wants it for the right reasons! Even the most discerning marijuana users will be impressed by this dependable and adaptable strain!

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Black Cadillac Strain produces potent effects when smoked. The simplicity and practicality of cultivating these seeds loaded with Ruderalis will be advantageous for any form of garden you may be operating. The buds of this incredible all-around champion strain have a ton of medicinal benefits that can be obtained!

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What is Black Cadillac Strain?

Jack Herer and Black Domina were crossed to create the strong Sativa-dominant strain known as Black Cadillac Strain. This particular cannabis variety provides a euphoric, calming, uplifting, and energizing high in addition to having a distinct THC level of 19–23%.

You can anticipate a soothing sensation to extend across your entire body, leaving pain and aches behind, due to the Indica genetic influences. As all the bad energy in their bodies and minds will be replaced by positive thoughts, this can greatly aid persons with mental health concerns.

Like with most powerful strains, the first effect is a kicking, heavy, mental high. After just one hit, you’ll feel happy and uplifted and experience a rush of mental buzz. As a result, your ability to focus will be improved, enabling you to work efficiently throughout the day.


  • This strain’s smoke is quite thick and leaves a restless creamy, smooth, sweet aroma. After a few puffs, the strong and soaring mental high is immediately felt.


  • It leaves a taste of earthy sandalwood on your tongue and is followed by flavors of pine and blueberries when you exhale.


  • The strain swiftly develops into a tall plant with long leaves, calyxes that are amber in color, and enormous chunky buds that are covered in resin crystals.

Strain Profile

  • Strain Parents: Black Domina X Jack Herrer
  • Strain Dominant: Sativa-dominant
  • CBD Content: 1.4%
  • THC Content: 19-23%
  • Flowering Time: 9 Weeks

Black Cadillac Strain Growing Information

Black Cadillac strain swiftly grows into a tall plant with elongated leaves, amber-colored hairs, and large chunky nugs wrapped in crystallized trichomes. These plants can simply be cultivated by beginner growers regardless if it is indoors or outdoors because it grows easily with only a small bit of care and attention. When done right, these plants can yield between 40 to 550 grams of harvest in just 10 weeks.

This strain can flower fast and yield as much as 400 to 550 grams per meter squared of harvest in 10 weeks when growing indoors. The SOG Method can be applied to further improve the development of the buds. It can yield up to 250 grams per plant in just 10 weeks when grown outdoors. For the plants to flourish, keep them in a dry area of your garden with plenty of sunlight. The best possible performance from the plants can also be achieved by using organic soil.

Black Cadillac Strain Medical Benefits

In addition to having a high THC content, Black Cadillac strain also has a CBD content that can reach 1%, giving it excellent medical advantages. It offers patients seeking respite from both physical and mental illnesses that relief. The boosting benefits might help lessen the signs of stress, weariness, anxiety, and sadness. Mild headaches, sleeplessness like insomnia, muscle spasms, and chronic pain can all be helped by the analgesic and anti-inflammatory characteristics. Cancer patients and those with eating disorders can both benefit from this strain since it helps increase appetite.

Final Thoughts

The Black Cadillac strain is ideal if you want to be productive throughout the day and unwind at night. This is a potent marijuana strain that leans mostly toward Indica and has a high THC concentration. You might experience a euphoric, energizing, uplifting, and calming high with this strain.

Get yours now and don’t doubt your ability to find happiness within! Rocket Seeds can be accessed with a single click, and your package of high-quality seeds will arrive as soon as possible! Order now and stay in touch as we expand our territory in Australia.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Black Cadillac Strain strong?

This Black Cadillac Auto marijuana strain’s distinctive and fairly uncommon flavor combinations may at first seem quite surprising. But once you master its features, this can assure you that it will be among the most alluring cigarettes you’ve ever had the pleasure of trying. The contrast between the earthiness and the sweet, creamy berries creates an alluring combination that gets your mouth in the mood for a party.

How does Black Cadillac strain make you feel?

Users typically detect a deep tone of earthiness coupled with what appears to be a sort of woody flavor as their first taste. A highly sweet flavor that is reminiscent of ripe blueberries will start coating your mouth as you keep smoking these buds.