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Black Haze Regular Marijuana Seeds

This hybrid, Black Haze Regular is a Sativa-dominant that gives consumers a perky cerebral high that boosts their mood and fills them with utter happiness.

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Due to the strain’s high Indica content where consumers should notice a complete calmness in their bodies. It offers a moment of self, a practical high that won’t overwhelm cannabis experts but is perfect for beginners searching for a strain that won’t overwhelm them. The reason Black Haze got its name is because of its deep purple buds, which almost resemble black in shade.

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What is Black Haze Strain?

The Black Haze is a strain with a significant pure-bred heritage that favors Sativa. It produces a fruity flavor and an energetic high by fusing the genetics of Colombian Black, Colombian Gold, and Purple Haze. It was developed by Pioneer Nuggets, a breeder located in Washington state that provides retailers all across the Pacific Northwest.

Cannabis seeds from the Black Haze Regular strain are Sativa Hybrids that elevate moods and produce a light mental haze. It supports the treatment of pain and tiredness.  has a fairly dark name, but its quick-acting high is anything but intimidating. Users may experience an improvement in their mood quite quickly, which, in the ideal situation and setting, can blossom into ecstasy. Additionally, smokers may feel as though their senses are sharper; sights, sounds, and even tastes may take on dramatic new dimensions.

When the cerebral high subsides and becomes calm, the hybrid’s Indica characteristics begin to show up. As a result, a stressed-out body with tense muscles starts to calm down. Even though Black Haze has a strong physical body effect, it’s unusual to get body stoned or couch-locked.

Its THC content has been estimated to be between 14% and 16% which is suited for beginners if they don’t want to be carried away abruptly. If your gang is looking for a chill touch of smoke, Regular Black Haze  is an obvious choice for social settings because it is perfect for hanging out in nature with friends or just chit-chatting at home.


  • This cannabis has an earthy, woodsy aroma that is reminiscent of dried pine and cedar. In addition, it has a berry and cherry scent that it probably received from its parent, Purple Haze. It has a musty and dank tone when the buds are cracked open.


  • Black Haze is delicious on the palate. A mixture of fruity and earthy flavors will intensify when smoked. What’s more, it has a cloud of smoke so mellow that it doesn’t bother the eyes or provoke coughing.


  • Three Colombian strains: Colombian Black, Colombian Gold, and Purple Haze were crossed to create the Black Haze variety. It gets its name from its rich plum-colored buds that are frequently mistaken for black. The greatest time to utilize this Sativa-dominant strain for any social occasion is when you want to stimulate your mind.

Strain Profile

  • Strain Parents: Colombian Gold x Colombian Black x Purple Haze
  • Strain Dominant: 40% Indica 60% Sativa
  • CBD content: 0.08%
  • THC content: 14-16%
  • Flowering Time: 11-14 weeks

Black Haze Strain Growing Information

The Black Haze strain can be grown in either an indoor or outdoor environment, according to the grower’s preference. The climate must be warm and semi-humid for outdoor growing. Because it requires little maintenance, it may still thrive in a variety of temperatures.

Before it begins to flower, growers that prefer for the purple buds to stand out must lay it open to the cooler atmosphere. When the buds display stunning dark purple tints, flaming red-orange pistils, and crystalline trichomes, the plant is ready for harvest. The strain will reach its flowering stage in 11 to 14 weeks. Expect a production of between 12 and 14 ounces per square meter because it doesn’t provide a higher yield.

Black Haze Strain Medical Benefits

Black Haze works well for pain management because of its strong analgesic potential. Users of this strain can successfully reduce inflammation and calm acute and chronic pain. Additionally, it effectively treats insomnia, resulting in better sleep. As a side aside, consistent and moderate smoking may help smokers develop sound sleeping patterns or with sleeping disorders.

Final Thoughts

The rich purple, the nearly black color of the Black Haze Strain leaves is indicated by the word “Black” in its name. The high from the Black Haze strain rival the potency of the flowers themselves and lasts for a very long time.

If you do choose to use this strain in public, make sure to bring plenty for everyone since its distinctive perfume is sure to draw attention. Every bit of information is on this page, start cultivating on your own as early as now.

Here at Rocket Seeds, we are always on the lookout for fresh varieties to add to our sizable stock of premium Regular, Feminized, Autoflowering, and High-CBD seeds. It guarantees that we can offer a wide range of options to growers with all levels of expertise and preferences at affordable pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is black haze?

Sativa-dominant hybrid Black Haze was created by crossing Colombian Black, Colombian Gold, and Purple Haze. It is renowned for its dark, nearly black-looking deep purple buds.

Is black haze a good strain?

Black Haze might be a useful treatment for aches and pains that don’t go away according to a physiological perspective. Black Haze is less cerebrally potent than other Sativa strains, but for certain people, it can still cause paranoia or a racing mind. As a result, users who are new to cannabis or who are prone to anxiety should use this strain carefully and moderately.

What does black haze taste like?

It is renowned for its dark, nearly black-looking deep purple buds. The flavor characteristic of Black Haze is earthy, with woody undertones and sweet berry and cherry undertones.

How much does black haze yield?

Black Haze yields 14 ounces per plant outdoors and 12–14 ounces per m2 indoors. How much THC is present in Black Haze? THC ranges from 14% to 16%. The plant is ready for harvesting when the buds display gorgeous dark purple colors, flaming red-orange pistils, and crystallized trichomes.