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Blue Cheese Strain Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

This Blue Cheese Autoflowering is the ideal strain if you are looking to cultivate a Hybrid with delightfully narcotic effects and appealing, fruity flavors.

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They grow in a variety of conditions and become compact crops with resiliency. Buds release enticing smells as harvest time approaches, and when you finally smash them, they smell even better. Without waiting for changes in the light cycle, the crops reach a mature state rapidly and move on to the flowering stage.

This means that these autoflowering seeds are best suited for experienced growers because they don’t have much time to recover from novice errors. The buds from Blue Cheese Strain have a high terpene profile and deliver a great yield. You can be confident that when you shop from Rocket Seeds, you’re obtaining premium Blue Cheese Marijuana Seeds in affordable quantities that are always available for you to enjoy.

What is Blue Cheese Strain?

This strain was developed in Europe. Multiple crosses between the Male Blueberry Autoflower and the Female Cheese Autoflower produced this Hybrid strain called Blue Cheese. When compared to its known parents, the autoflowering, feminized seed generated by this hybrid has higher flavor, yield, and effects. Due to its berry scent and potent Indica effect from the parent’s strain is well-known.

For growers that require hardy and durable plants but live in colder locations, Blue Cheese Strain is a suitable option. Due to its modest size, the plant is simple to cultivate. This can be grown on a balcony, a terrace, or anywhere else that requires a covert growth. The leaves of your plant may turn more purple as the evenings grow colder before harvest.

These effects are most likely the reason why breeders keep developing new iterations of that strain. Blue Cheese Strain has all of the same characteristics as ordinary Blue Cheese feminized seeds, including the typical Blue Cheese vegetative time, but it also contains Ruderalis, which ensures dependable flowering. Ruderalis Cannabis, the other parent of Blue Cheese Strain, grows naturally in Central Asia and Russia.

Despite not being utilized as marijuana, it can produce autoflowering cultivars that are simple to grow all year round. Ruderalis has a regular flowering time and blooms considerably more quickly than its relatives, making it simple to harvest the plant multiple times throughout the season.

People who use Blue Cheese strain say it gives them a pleasant, upbeat, and comfortable high. Because of its effects on creativity and cognition, this plant is frequently referred to as cerebral or cosmic. It is ideal for unwinding after a strenuous day or for enjoying private social situations. Really, this tiny beauty has no drawbacks.


  • Blue Cheese Strain stands out from essentially every other strain on the market. This herb has a strong, earthy, musky aroma that is overflowing with waves of pungent cheese when inhaled. The way this item smells like actual cheese is truly amazing, and you really have to smell it to believe it.
  • These buds give the whole meal a good degree of fruitiness.


  • As you may anticipate, everything mentioned above results in an incredibly, shall we say, “strange” flavor profile. On the inhale, there is a lovely burst of sugary berries with a faint undercurrent of peppery spice that is sweet, smooth, and fulfilling.
  • The aftertaste that lingers on the palate, in comparison, is more comparable to parmesan cheese than anything else that comes to mind when you get to experience from your lungs.


  • The plant is little and only grows to a height of 40–70 cm. It is therefore perfect for balconies, terraces, and other compact locations. When the nighttime temperature is lower than the daytime temperature, the strain displays stunning purple hues.

Strain Profile

  • Strain Parents: Cheese x Blueberry
  • Strain Dominant: 80% Indica/20% Sativa
  • CBD Content: Low
  • THC Content: 20%
  • Flowering Time: 6-8 weeks

Blue Cheese Strain Growing Information

The Blue Cheese Autoflowering seeds is the ideal strain for novice cannabis growers that need a high-quality flavor yet are just starting out. This is made feasible by the fact that the easy-to-grow plant can produce abundant crops of flavorful and pungent buds in just 75 days with little care. She’s an excellent alternative for indoor growing because to her medium-sized structure, but only if the growing area has strong anti-odor filters because she is in fact quite smelly.

It thrives outdoors in temperate, Mediterranean regions or in a greenhouse with shelter. However, we must make sure there are no neighbors nearby if we wish to cultivate this smelly plant on city balconies or terraces because her aroma is everything from subdued.Remember that the short life span of autoflowering strains leaves very little room for error. We must therefore make an effort to establish the ideal environment right away.

Blue Cheese Strain Medical Benefits

Although this herb also has psychological advantages, Blue Cheese strain’s putative therapeutic uses are primarily of a physical nature. Although it won’t totally cure severe or persistent depression, it can still be the perfect remedy for a much-needed mood boost (another reason why this is a great choice for an end-of-day smoke – particularly those lousy days). The somewhat heavy physical effects of Blue Cheese strain appear relatively slowly, which is another appealing quality of this plant. This makes dosage management simple and guarantees that users with immature THC never go too far.

Almost any mild physical ailment, such as joint pain, stiffness, arthritis, headaches, etc., can benefit from indica strains like this one. This medicine almost always makes it hard not to get a decent night’s sleep, and it even defeats the occasional case of insomnia. Additionally, the strain of Blue Cheese is well known for triggering intense cases of the munchies, especially in people who enjoy ripe and pungent cheese. With more potent batches of these buds, panic attacks and paranoia can’t be completely ruled out, so it’s best to be cautious during those initial hits.

Final Thoughts

Blue Cheese strain would unquestionably warrant inclusion on any official list of the ten strains that you must try at least once in your lifetime. The plain truth is that even if you don’t enjoy the pungent and nasty flavor of this cannabis, you can at least say you’ve tried it. This plant is a rare specimen because there aren’t many strains now available that can be regarded as completely unique. There’s more to her marijuana than just her crowd-splitting funk. It is simple to cultivate, perfectly powerful, and perfect for lazy evenings on the couch.

You can be confident that when you shop from Rocket Seeds, you’re obtaining premium Blue Cheese Marijuana Seeds in affordable quantities that are always available for you to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Question

Can a beginner grow Blue Cheese autoflower?

Despite being simple to grow, Blue Cheese autoflower seeds are best suited to individuals with some experience. This is because you cannot prolong their vegetative phase if they become stressed as a result of a novice error. They won’t thus recuperate adequately, affecting the quality of the buds.

What is the Blue Cheese autoflower flowering time?

The entire life cycle of the Blue Cheese Seeds takes about 10 weeks after germination. The flowering period lasts for about two to three weeks.

How long do Blue Cheese autoflower seeds take to germinate?

Different amounts of time are needed for marijuana seeds to sprout. Even plants of the same strain can grow days later than other plants. The approach you select will impact how long it takes to grow Blue Cheese seeds (autoflower). They’ll pop in five days if you follow our advice. In case any of the marijuana seeds fail to germinate, retain visual records of the germination process. Our customer support representatives are happy to help.

Growing Blue Cheese autoflower in hydro or soil?

Blue Cheese autoflower seeds grow well in hydroponic or soil environments. They are small-growing crops that don’t require a lot of vertical area. To increase the production quantity when growing these marijuana seeds in hydroponics, combine them with effective training methods.

What is the average Blue Cheese autoflower height?

Due to their ruderalis characteristics, Auto Blue Cheese seeds grow into compact plants. The average height is 2 to 4 feet. Plants in the outdoors are slightly larger than those indoors.