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Blue Fruit Strain Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Cannabis enthusiasts appreciate Blue Fruit Strain for the distinctively fruity aromas and flavors of their blossoms. A Blue Fruit cultivar and an unidentified Ruderalis variation were crossed to create Blue Fruit Strain.

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Mexican Purple, Thai, and the famed Cannabis Cup winner Blueberry, were all used to create Blue Fruit. Learn everything there is to know about this sweet-tasting Hybrid, including its unusual ancestry and marijuana seed germination instructions. In addition, you’ll learn how to grow Blue Fruit seeds and what to anticipate when using this strain.

Grow these autoflowering seeds all year long to enjoy the incredible mental and physical advantages. These cannabis seeds are ideal if you’re seeking for a short indoor cultivar that yields large amounts of delicious-tasting marijuana. At Rocket Seeds, we guarantee that you will receive premium Blue Fruit Marijuana Seeds at a reasonable price and that they will always be available for you to use.

What is Blue Fruit Strain?

An outstanding history of prize-winning strains and landrace varieties may be found in Blue Fruit strain. These uncommon marijuana seeds grow robust, Hybrid, Indica-dominant plants that are year-round cultivable. Mexican Purple, Thailand, and Blueberry were crossed to create this hybrid, which mainly contains Indica strains.

If you have a system in place to regulate your lighting, temperature, and humidity conditions, these autoflower seeds are perfect for indoor cultivation. Blue Fruit seeds produce blooms with THC values of 12–16%. Despite having a low CBD level (less than 1%), cannabis has a wide range of therapeutic advantages due to its diverse terpene profile.

Crops from Autoflower Blue Fruit seeds also release enticing scents of a fruit aroma. The mild buzzing allows the mind to drift in a gradual stream of ecstasy until the herb’s calming properties transport you to a state of deep sleep. This top-notch strain will make everyone around you high thanks to its luscious red fruit fragrance and flavor with a hint of vanilla.

The cured buds’ vibrant colors increase their bag appeal, but smoking them is much more pleasant. Cannabis consumers get Blue Fruit seeds to enjoy the stimulating cerebral effects and calming body stones of the buds.


  • The first scent that catches the nose is one of sweet berries and traditional skunk, with a dreamy-creamy undertone that is both intriguing and alluring.


  • You’re in for a smoke that’s just as delectable as a freshly baked fruit pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream when you light the buds.
  • The aftertaste with this stuff has to be experienced to be believed — bucketloads of vanilla and a sticky-sweet flavor.


  • The plant produces colas that are up to 3″ long and rich purple in color as it grows. It also has a wonderful fruity scent. It will require some support because it grows pretty tall.

Strain Profile

  • Strain Parents: Mexican Purple, Thailand, and Blueberry
  • Strain Dominant: Indica-dominant
  • CBD Content: 0.2%
  • THC Content: 14%
  • Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks

Blue Fruit Strain Growing Information

Growing a plant from seed is equivalent to taking care of a living being, and the degree to which that priceless cannabis plant realizes its innate potential is directly correlated to the amount of care and affection given to it by its growing authority. In the hands of skilled cultivators, they yield best, and the cannabis plants’ brief lifespans enable numerous harvests each year. Harvest time is coming when the buds are covered in fine layers of brilliant crystal trichomes and the pistils turn orange.

It takes 8-10 weeks for Blue Fruit strain seeds to produce a cannabis yield. A quicker bud harvest is possible by using indoor growth techniques like the SOG method. If you wish to encourage purple hues on your plants during the late flowering period, lower the temperature.

In a moist environment, germination works best. Once the taproot reaches the living land, it’s important to plant gently and root-down into your chosen medium. Just enough water should be added to maintain the medium or atmosphere moist. Wait to feed the animal until it begins to exhibit signs of hunger. After you’ve slashed those arctic animals down, dry them down slowly in a 60F/60rH setting and cure them in sealed jars until they are delicious and sticky.

Blue Fruit Strain Medical Benefits

In order to improve their wellbeing, cannabis users who need an all-year-round cultivar might consider Blue Fruit seeds. Because the THC content isn’t overpowering, it appeals to people with medical marijuana cards.

The main terpene in Blue Fruit cannabis, myrcene, is thought to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. The cannabis made from autoflowering Blue Fruit seeds has a significant amount of alpha-terpineol, which has antibacterial and anxiolytic properties.

This plant has a calming body stone thanks to the presence of linalool, which may help people who suffer from sleeplessness. According to reports, this terpene’s anxiolytic properties may help fight depression and reduce anxiety.

Users of the calming body stone may get relief from conditions like Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and arthritis. According to reports, the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects relieve joint and muscular discomfort.

Final Thoughts

The most important metrics are all where Blue Fruit strain excels. This herb, which is among the most pleasurable strains on the market by a wide margin, is also one of the easiest to produce, allowing both novice and expert gardeners to make the most of even the tightest places. It has a flavor reminiscent of dessert.

With its 16% average THC content, can be the perfect choice if you’re searching for a session smoke that won’t push you over the edge. A true 21st century superstar on the medical cannabis market, this strain has a vast and diverse range of therapeutic uses. Here at Rocket Seeds, we guarantee that you are getting these seeds of the best and high quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a beginner grow Blue Fruit strain?

Because of the short plant lives of autoflowering marijuana plants, they are typically not recommended for novice growers. When grown by seasoned hands, they provide the highest yields. For beginners who want to grow these varieties for the first time, Auto Blue Fruit seeds are a perfect option.

What is the Blue Fruit strain flower time?

The plants grown from Blue Fruit strain seeds typically take 7-8 weeks to flower. During this period, your marijuana plants will focus their energy on flowering, so make sure you give them enough nutrients. Early bud harvesting during the flowering phase might result in more potent brain effects.

How long do Blue Fruit strain seeds take to germinate?

The shells of the blue fruit seeds burst within 1 to 5 days. For optimal results, use the damp paper towel approach. Aim to keep your cannabis seeds warm and wet, and move them to a new soil or hydro medium as the taproots appear.