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Candy Cane Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

You’ll be amazed by the Candy Cane strain’s quality! It aims to awaken the inner kid in you. It has a tangy, fruity flavor followed by euphoric effects that continue for a long time and relieve stress.

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What else would you expect but candies? There’s no need to outgrow your sweet tooth because the Candy Cane strain from Crop King Seeds does not only tastes great but also has greater effects. If you are a fast lover, this strain will provide you with the quick-acting benefits and even a very intense experience. You will undoubtedly experience bliss bringing you up if the THC level is high.

Candy Cane Strain is a must-try due to its high yields both inside and outdoors, as well as its high THC content. Purchase Candy Cane Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds here at Rocket Seeds by just one tap of your phone or any device. The greatest seeds are in our seed bank, and we’re ready to help you start your gardening journey. In order to preserve the viability of the seeds, your order will be delivered to you quickly, discreetly, and with the utmost care.

What is Candy Cane Strain?

This Hybrid strain, which leans more toward Indica, enchants smokers with its delicious and sweet aromas. Crop King Seeds gave it the proper care, and it first grew. As the name implies, users of this candy-flavored marijuana strain are in for a treat! Candy Cane strain has a THC content of 17.81%, which makes its hits highly potent. Candy Cane Strain is the end product of some highly renowned genetics being combined into one, with parents who all have impressive reputations in their own right!

This Hybrid strain combines the greatest traits of the AK-47, White Widow, and Mango strains. From the smoke’s fruity smells to the stinging physical sensations that instantly relax your entire body. A nice strain to have in your gardens is Candy Cane Strain. The easiness of growing is undoubtedly one of the benefits of being a Ruderalis offspring. This strain is fantastic for relaxing at home with a book or some music or for socializing in comfortable surroundings because of the combination of both mental and physical characteristics. Users can quickly experience joy from using it. Stress and residual tensions will melt away as the body high starts to take effect.


  • The Candy Cane strain will undoubtedly be diverse given that it is a cross of three well-known strains. The fragrance, which has a very enticing fruity aroma, is initially unimpressive. The aroma intensifies and hints of skunky overtones can be detected if users shatter the nuggets.


  • Due to its somewhat unusual aroma, this strain appeals to the majority of consumers. Additionally, it has a slight menthol flavor and a rich, aromatic smoke that is easy on the lungs and throat. It is especially wonderful since it has notes of tropical mango.


  • The Candy Cane strain develops into a medium-sized herb with long branches, orange hairs, and dense, trichome-coated blooms. This strain can grow well in any environment and is simple enough to grow to generate 100–200g in as early as 7 weeks.

Strain Profile

  • Strain Parents: AK-47 x White Widow x Mango
  • Strain Dominant: 70% Indica 30% Sativa
  • CBD Content: 0.10%
  • THC Content: 17.81%
  • Flowering Time: 6 to 7 weeks

Candy Cane Strain Growing Information

The Candy Cane strain autoflower is an exciting and enjoyable plant to grow. They are fantastic both inside and outside. The learning curve for growing and the tasks you must perform are largely teachable, even though it may not be ideal for inexperienced growers. Amazingly, blossoming only lasts for around 7 weeks.

With an offer of up to 200 grams indoors and 100 grams outside, the yield is also not too awful. Just to let you know, this strain will grow much better in a warm setting. When growing inside, utilizing cutting-edge methods, you can anticipate a tremendous harvest.

What are the Medical Benefits of Candy Cane Strain?

The Candy Cane strain’s Sativa and Indica characteristics work in concert to produce the majority of its therapeutic effects. It provides a comforting buzz and euphoric high while also providing a full-body relaxation for people with particular needs.

The positive aspect of the strain makes it an excellent short-term remedy for stress and depression symptoms. Users who struggle with attention deficit disorders may benefit from it because it enables users to remain concentrate. Physical effects that are calming may relieve aches and pains associated with both nerve-based pain and stomach issues like vomiting. Medical marijuana users can use this strain to treat stress and anxiety issues since it can quickly melt away tension. Patients will experience happiness as a result, and those who are experiencing depression will be able to disregard bad ideas in favor of pleasant ones.

Final Thoughts

The physical stone keeps you down and lethargic for a good while until your head starts to generate some ideas that improve your mood. Therapeutic massages will start to buzz throughout your entire body, relaxing you and hypnotizing you into a state of relaxation.

After smoking a few of these icy buds exclusively available here in Rocket Seeds, all you’ll want to do is relax and spend the rest of the day with company and good music.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Candy Cane a good strain?

Candy cane is suitable for consumption during the day or in the early evening, but since it can promote reflection, it might not be the ideal option right before bed. It is a particularly ideal strain for gatherings, and parties because of its minty-sweet flavor and well-rounded, pleasing high.

What strain is candy cane?

Candy Cane Kush is a 70% Indica and 30% Sativa hybrid strain

Is Candy Cane indica or sativa?

Candy Cane strain is an indica cannabis, which has a mint and sweet berries with overtones of citrus. When ready for harvest, the buds will have pepper-like shapes and have a vibrant mint green color.