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Dwarf King Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

The Dwarf King Strain is a Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis-dominant Hybrid that grows swiftly and gives gardeners a potent and substantial harvest in no time.

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Breeders who are getting antsy as the flowering period approaches will love this Dwarf King strain. Smokers of this strain will immediately detect the strain’s interesting and complex flavor. Customers like how well-balanced the mixture of flavors and smells is.

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What is Dwarf King Strain?

There is an equal distribution of Indica and Sativa genes in the Dwarf King Strain. Its ancestors are Ruderalis and unknown genetics, however the union produced a plant with a low CBD content and a moderate THC value of 15%. You experience a calming high that makes you feel content. This strain’s sedative effects make it the ideal choice for use just before bed. Prior to falling asleep deeply and peacefully, it enables you to ponder and consider the future. This strain offers its users a different range of therapeutic benefits. It has been shown to be a powerful remedy for a variety of diseases.

It provides complete physical relaxation that starts working nearly immediately. You’ll experience the munchies shortly after it’s high, which will make you feel woozy and glued to the couch. Customers are advised to get some snacks ready before enjoying this cannabis. You enter a state of contemplation and meditation as a result of the profound relaxation being well-balanced to its head high.


  • This strain also generates some really pleasant scents. Among the scents that consumers can detect are butterscotch, hash, and lemon.


  • To mention a few, the flavor profile of Dwarf King Strain comprises hashish, diesel, citrus, bubblegum, fruit, and pure earthiness.


  • The Dwarf King Strain appears to be very strong because of its vivid green nugs that are covered in dense white trichomes.

Strain Profile

  • Strain Parents: Ruderalis x unknown
  • Strain Dominant: Hybrid
  • CBD Content: Low
  • THC Content: 15%
  • Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks

Dwarf King Strain Growing Information

The Dwarf King Strain takes their tiny stature from their namesake and are regarded as the king of stealth. Its size is ideal for any growth environment, whether indoors or outdoors. It grows quickly and yields an average crop of buds that are ready for usage. This plant is simple to grow and doesn’t require a lot of time or work, therefore novice growers are encouraged to nurture it.

Due to its diminutive size, the plant thrives in any growth environment when planted inside. Because this dwarf does not require a change in light cycle, cultivating it is simple for all gardeners. It only takes 8 to 9 weeks for it to flourish, and then your plants will be able to provide typical quantities of sticky buds per square meter.

When outdoors, Dwarf King Strain seeds are ideal for covert installation. Because of its height and toughness, the plant has a better chance of producing more fruit while remaining unnoticed by outsiders. The plant needs an environment that is dry, warm, and temperate with lots of sunlight. By the conclusion of the season, outdoor breeders can collect medium yields.

Dwarf King Strain Medical Benefits

Consuming this mild strain raises dopamine levels, which brings on a wave of genuine serenity. As a result of its overall Indica and Sativa components, it also raises serotonin levels in the body, giving users a pleasant high and a sense of wellbeing while managing their mood, sleep, and appetite. Additionally, it helps to lessen and treat the signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression.

It is most frequently used by patients with minor forms of pain, including headaches, migraines, body aches, fibromyalgia, and inflammation, which are not chronic in nature. Its calming and revitalizing qualities offer effective relief from stress, ADD, ADHD, mood swings, and even PTSD. Additionally, the strain has shown promise in treating nausea, seizures, and both acute and chronic pain. Sleep difficulties can be treated with this strain.

Final Thoughts

Dwarf King Strains have modest impacts on the brain and body. It features a 15% THC content, which is within the typical range. It makes it perfect for new users, casual users, and those who consume marijuana for medical purposes. Its short and compact form makes it a great option for covert home production.

For growers with goals for both personal usage and professional success, this current variety is suitable.  We guarantee that you are getting these seeds of the best and high quality. Dwarf King Strain Autoflower Marijuana Seeds of the highest caliber are always available at Rocket Seeds and waiting for you to try them out!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dwarf King Strain?

A hybrid strain known as Dwarf King is smaller-growing than other types. The proportions of the Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis lineages are not known.

Is Dwarf King a sativa or indica?

Both Indica and Sativa genes are present in similar amounts in the Dwarf King.