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Lowryder Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

A unique Autoflowering Hybrid strain called Lowryder was created to have a tiny size. Because of its small size, it makes a great balcony plant. In most cases, it doesn’t grow taller than 10 to 18 inches. The delayed but powerful onset of the Lowryder marijuana is where the real fascination lies.

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The first popular commercial Autoflowering strain, Lowryder, is responsible for the industry as a whole. With a vibrant Ruderalis variation, this avant-garde, totally autoflowering cultivar matches legendary Northern Lights and William’s Wonder. These legendary Lowryder Strain which were first made available around the turn of the millennium, are still in high demand.

This cultivar, which has a broad base of fans, has a moderate THC content and a mild flavor profile. These buds are perfect for both beginners and experts because of their high THC content. Regardless of tolerance, this cannabis strain offers the advantages of a well-balanced hybrid without wearing you out or putting an end to your day. These seeds are simple to grow and yield moderate amounts of distinctive marijuana.

You can purchase Lowryder Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds here at Rocket Seeds. We only offer seeds that our seed genetic experts have cultivated to the highest standards. Join our growing community and contact us from Australia. Order right away to get started growing your own plant.

What is Lowryder Strain?

The “original” autoflowering strain is Lowryder Autoflower, which is well-known around the world. Although there have been many different autoflower strains over the years, none are as unique as this little one. Cannabis seeds called Lowryder are a cross between William’s Wonder and Northern Lights #2.

Anyone who isn’t feeling too good will undoubtedly get a slight mood lift. Lowryder Strain grow into robust cultivars with THC levels that are between 12-14%. Users can casually smoke without experiencing a quick start of overpowering effects, in contrast to higher THC strains.

Lowryder Strain is a low CBD strain that has only around 0.2% CBD. It causes a powerful mental high and a very light physical high. This provides treatment from depression, anxiety, and other psychological or mental issues for medical users. Recreational consumers prefer smoking the Lowryder Strain because they have a positive, communicative high that is best experienced with company.

They contain potent buds and mouthwatering flavors. It has a beautiful combination of “terpenes” chemicals in plants that contribute to the distinctive smell and color of the buds. The strain’s fragrant, citrus blossoms add a completely new character to any social event.

Growing Lowryder strain is a lot of fun since it is simple to grow. For those who are new to growing cannabis, autoflowering seeds are the ideal solution. These are extremely simple to grow for seasoned growers, but newbies should still do their homework before planting. Fortunately, with a little bit of information, the appropriate growing equipment, and an optimistic outlook, you’ll soon be staring at some substantial blossoms.


  • Lowryder buds produce pine-lemon-scented varieties. You can anticipate earthy undertones.  Also, it is a pure hybrid strain that has a less skunky aroma than many cannabis varieties.


  • It smells similar to how it tastes, with a lemon and sweet fruit jolt. You get a buttery and piney flavor when smoking this cannabis, just like when you’re eating a lemon butterscotch tart!


  • Thick buds are complemented by the bright green, long, thin, and sativa-like leaves of this plant. The foliage is a pale pastel green tint and resembles the buds. Long pistils are also produced by the blooms, and they eventually turn orange.

Strain Profile

  • Strain Parents: William’s Wonder x Northern Lights #2.
  • Strain Dominant: Hybrid
  • CBD Content: 0.2%
  • THC Content: 14%
  • Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks

Lowryder Strain Growing Information

There is no better place to start than with Lowryder Strain if you’re a recreational gardener interested in trying your hand at growing cannabis. Both beginning and seasoned growers like using them. They are the ideal first-time cultivars due to their simplicity and toughness.

You’ll start to notice resin production on the buds around the 10th flowering week. The colas have a faint sheen, and the air is fragrant with spice and lemon. As long as the climate is warm enough, gardeners can raise these little ones anywhere because to the adaptability of the strain.

You must prune your plants to maintain their health, not necessarily to improve airflow. The Sea of Green (SoG) technique can be used to boost yields. It is preferable to provide your plants with at least 8 hours of light per day. Changing the light cycle to initiate the flowering phase won’t be a concern either. Your Lowryder strain will benefit greatly if you can give them 12 or more hours of light each day. They’ll be able to grow more buds since they’ll have more energy.

Lowryder Strain has robust Ruderalis genes, and the plants grow to their full height in less than a month. All of their energy is directed on creating those delicious blossoms once they reach their maximum height. These plants have thin leaves and a 35-inch maximum height. The benefit of this is that they have excellent mold resistance and are impervious to fungi and pests. As sturdy as a dwarf, growers hardly ever require additional support because of the sturdy branches. They grow several blossoms on each limb, giving them the appearance of a small Christmas tree.

When Ruderalis’s speed is added on top, the result is an obvious hybrid in every way. Even though growers like it hot, temperatures should be between 70 and 80 degrees. While outdoor growers will find summer to be their greatest option, indoor producers can use climate control. If you like indoors, you might already be aware of the expenditures or have a solution in place. In either case, indoor growing yields more than 4 oz per square meter.

The main factor preventing plants from photosynthesizing as much as they could under artificial light for outdoor growers is sunshine. Outdoor growers should anticipate 2 to 3 ounces per plant. A completely different set of weapons are available to players who have a greenhouse.

What are the Medical Benefits of Lowryder Strain?

Grown from Lowryder Strain are cultivars with a respectable THC content. The 15% THC percentage is slightly lower than some other high THC strains, albeit not by as much as CBD-focused varieties. Still, consumers should exercise moderation to avoid overindulging because doing so could make you drowsy. However, those with insomnia can have it as their objective.

Patients who use medical marijuana claim that the upbeat, euphoric feelings they get from taking this strain help them deal with depression and anxiety. Although Lowryder’s immediate effects are cerebral rather than physical, users report that their muscles relax, which relieves spasms and pain in their muscles.

Patients with arthritis agree and claim the results provide some relief. As a result, research into the therapeutic uses of cannabis is currently in full gear, and more information will be available soon.

Be cautious and practice moderation, just as you should with any product containing marijuana. Unwary consumers may not always notice unpleasant side effects because of the initial euphoria. Fortunately, the buds’ mild THC content will make you feel sleepy before you become woozy. But it’s advisable to lie down if you make the error of underestimating Lowryder.

Final Thoughts

After acquiring this cannabis hybrid, you’ll have a calm body and mind as well as a pleasing growing process with satisfactory results. Here at Rocket Seeds, we guarantee that you’ll always have access to top-quality Lowryder Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds at a fair price. We guarantee to deliver high-germinating, high-quality marijuana seeds at affordable prices. Visit our user-friendly website and check out what our valued customers say about us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall does lowryder grow?

A unique autoflowering hybrid strain called Lowryder was created to have a tiny stature. Because of its small size, it makes a great balcony plant. In most cases, it doesn’t grow taller than 10 to 18 inches.

Can a beginner grow Lowryder strain?

Auto Lowryder seeds don’t require much experience to grow well; all they need is a consistent atmosphere. Even beginners can anticipate a few ounces of bud by using the suggested growth techniques. Veterans can use the “S.O.G.” technique to grow a canopy of buds, which will boost yields and potency. Lowryder’s compact design enables growers to scatter several seeds at once.

What is the average autoflowering Lowryder height?

The small 15-inch size of Auto Lowryder seeds makes them easy to accommodate in your grow tent in large quantities. These plants are a match made in heaven for growers that have a small amount of area. They can even fit on a nightstand or in a closet. They also don’t have a strong perfume and have a really lovely scent, which is helpful.