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Pineapple Express Strain AutoFlowering Marijuana Seeds

Pineapple Express Strain Autoflowering is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with flavors of Pineapple, pine, and cedar, and has the aroma of fresh apple and mango. Even seasoned users will likely appreciate the body buzz because of its 25% THC content.

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Hardy, quickly flowering, and simple to grow, Pineapple Express Strain Autoflowering produces copious amounts of dense, resin-coated buds. Each plant of Pineapple Express Strain has a remarkable 60 to 100 grams of tasty, earthy Indica. With a flowering time of 30 days, the vegetation phase is only 4 weeks long. Pineapple Express Strain has a strong pineapple flavor and mouthwatering sweet smells. As a result of this extraordinary strain’s ability to reduce stress, the body can relax.

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What is Pineapple Express?

The genetic foundation of Pineapple Express is shared by the Sativa-dominant strains Trainwreck and Hawaiian. However, the only source of this strain’s renown is Seth Rogan’s 2008 stoner comedy Pineapple Express. As the movie implies, Pineapple Express is best-savored by other marijuana fans. Pineapple Express high is suitable for reducing social anxiety without tiring you. Additionally, Pineapple Express’s sativa dominance provides consumers with a slight energy boost that aids in enhancing cognition and boosting productivity. This delicious strain’s overall effects are a good blend of calming and energizing, making it a specific strain for beginners.

Pineapple Express typically contains between 15 and 20% THC. Contrarily, the CBD concentration is often no more than 1%. Although it’s not much, Pineapple Express’s CBD content might be responsible for part of the strain’s calming benefits. A typical Pineapple Express has a sativa-to-indica ratio of roughly 70:30, however, keep in mind that autoflowering seeds also carry Ruderalis genetics.


  • Pineapple Express offers a combination of unforgettable scents, including ripe fruit, tropical, and extremely sweet Pineapple. Pineapple Express is for those with hedonistic tastes who enjoy indulging in a decadent dessert and a sweet drink with attractive companions in a posh setting.


  • The plant will emit a potent, sweet smell that is almost perfume-like and not at all unpleasant. This will be reflected in the flavor, which will be sweet with fruity and sour undertones of Pineapple and tropical, sweet flavors that may not be as overpowering as the fragrance but are still quite distinct.


  • A plant that looks like a vivid, lush Christmas tree, with numerous bud growths all over its stem and branches. Pineapple Express grows tall, occasionally rising to a height of 1.4 meters! Give this baby the room she needs to expand if you want her to reach her full potential, and you can anticipate full maturity around weeks 9–10.

Strain Profile

  • Strain Parents: Trainwreck and Hawaiian
  • Strain Dominant: 10% Ruderalis, 30% Indica, 60% Sativa
  • CBD Content: Low
  • THC Content: 15%
  • Flowering Time: 60 – 70 days

Pineapple Express Strain Growing Information

Pineapple Express Strain growers don’t have to worry as much about altering their lighting setup as the plant matures because cannabis Ruderalis has a fixed grow time. Due to its genetics, Pineapple Express Strain is a challenging variety. It may also easily resist mold because to its genetic makeup, and beginners are frequently advised to use it. Watch out for its height, which can reach 120 cm. With that said, it is recommended to support the plants.

Any medium is ideal for this strain. These varieties enjoy peat, hydroponics, and soil. The wisest course of action would be to select the medium you are most familiar with. Pre-mixed soil frequently contains advantages over other mediums, such as microorganisms, that other media do not. Unfortunately, hydroponics is much easier to correct if the pH is off. The professional method of choice for many experienced growers is hydroponics. To directly impact the potency and yields of their plants, growers can change the pH and nutritional levels.

Others claim that adding coconut fiber to your soil could increase crops. Because of this, it has been observed that the plant thrives in a sunny or Mediterranean climate. Due to the strain’s hardiness, it can also be grown in colder climates, and some growers claim that the cool air stresses the plant and causes it to produce more terpene, which gives the flavor more depth.

What are the Medical Benefits of Pineapple Express Strain?

Users claim that the strain also provides pain relief for arthritis and frequent migraines. In addition, auto Pineapple promotes calmness, which may lessen stress. Smoke slowly, as you would with any marijuana, to prevent any unpleasant side effects. It’s also crucial to remember that the high lasts for a while, which is undesirable when everything is whirling. Take a few puffs, wait a little bit, and then assess your feelings. But regrettably, the effects frequently come on gradually, and before you realize it, you’re high as a kite with no string. Fortunately, Pineapple hardly rarely causes individuals to feel overburdened. You won’t have paranoia after the high because it is well-balanced.

Final Thoughts

Get Pineapple Express Strain cannabis seeds and give them the proper care if you’re searching for a strain of cannabis that provides a top-notch recreational experience. You’ll be left wanting more due to the chain of events that the ensuing flower buds will cause. Your brain will feel relaxed thanks to a series of relaxing effects counteracted by the high Indica characteristics. You can use these soothing effects to watch your preferred movie or even to practice meditation, rather than spending money on hyped-up, bad seeds that would lower the effects’ quality. Reach out to Rockets Seeds now for unparalleled quality services and sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pineapple Strain autoflowering time?

No matter how much light you give auto flowering pineapples, flowering takes about 7-8 weeks. Additionally, you can promote flowering without encouraging a change in growth phase. Auto-flowering pineapple plants require a minimum of 14 hours of light per day to produce their best flowers. So they have more than enough light to flourish during an 18/6 light cycle.

How long do Autoflowering seeds take to germinate?

Although it can take longer, your Pineapple Express Strain autoflowering strain seeds will sprout in 24 hours or less. To ensure success, use the paper towel approach and maintain an appropriate environment. Keep checking on your auto-pineapple seeds if they have yet to sprout after the first day. Some seeds produce a taproot after as many as five days.

What is the average auto Pineapple height?

The finest marijuana plants available are those grown from auto-pineapple seeds. They rarely grow higher than 39 inches, but the size of their buds needs to be in proportion. These cultivars are the best option if you have a limited area. Not only can you grow them covertly in a closet, but if you grow them outside, you can even hide them from curious eyes behind a low wall.

What are the Pineapple seed variants?

Pineapple Express Strain seeds are frequently available in regular, feminized, and autoflowering varieties.