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Auto CBD Critical Mass Strain Marijuana Seeds

Genetic seedlings of the Auto CBD Critical Mass Strain kind, a slightly more Indica form, are common and grow quickly in their range.

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These Auto CBD Critical Mass Strain have a high CBD content, making them ideal for medical use while still providing a gentle high, and subtle bliss. For individuals who would like to take advantage of the potent pharmacological properties but would rather not smoke. Auto CBD Critical Mass Strain offers itself exceptionally well to the production of edibles and CBD oils.

Here at Rocket Seeds, we are always on the lookout for fresh varieties to add to our sizable stock of premium regular, feminized, autoflowering, and high-CBD seeds. It guarantees that we can offer a wide range of options to growers with all levels of expertise and preferences at affordable pricing.

What is Auto CBD Critical Mass Strain?

An Indica hybrid between Critical Mass, CBD, and Ruderalis produced the Auto CBD Critical Mass strain. 3-5% CBD and 3-5% THC are present in the Auto CBD Critical Mass strain. Its blending of psychoactive and therapeutic properties guarantees a well-balanced, unwinding experience. Since Indica dominates the cannabis, intake guarantees relaxation.

As a result, Critical Mass now offers THC-sensitive users all the Classic Skunk scents and ease of growing without the strong euphoric effects. Combining these two outstanding strains produced an autoflower with a high yield, a quick flowering period, a soft calming buzz, and potent pain-relieving properties.

The fragrance combines citrus, sweetness, and spice, will please both newcomers and smokers with a sweet tooth. It’s ideal for smoking in the evening and at the end of the day since it improves mood, relaxes the body, and lessens joint and muscular pain, all of which contribute to a restful night’s sleep.


  • Aroma and Taste Despite its hard-kicker strain’s loud sound, it tastes candy-sweet. It emits an aroma that is primarily honey and gets sweeter with each puff.


  • Aroma and Flavor of this strain contains Myrcene, Pinene, and Caryophyllene that makes up the majority of this medicinal strain’s terpene composition. These aromatic compounds combine inexplicably to produce an exceptionally sweet scent with undertones of fresh earth and herbs.


  • A stiff to intermediate orange branch, fast-growing, and weather-tolerant. When a flower blooms, ultraviolet light is produced. A broad, rather light yellow-pink tint marks the completion of the blossoming.The little size of this strain glistens in trichome-white and mint green.

Strain Profile

  • Strain Parents: Critical Mass x CBD x Rudelaris
  • Strain Dominant: Indica-dominant
  • CBD content: 2-4%
  • THC content: 17 – 21%
  • Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks

Auto CBD Critical Mass Strain Growing Information

Auto CBD Critical Mass Strain develops with a distinctive Sativa-like structure yet blossoms more like an Indica variation. It is advised to sustain these heavy buds as growth continues, especially as harvest season draws near because they have thick and dense buds that have the potential to expand to a huge size.

As a result, these will undoubtedly be improved when CBD Critical Mass auto-fem is grown inside because it performs exceptionally well in a SCROG and SoG Method. These strain grows well both inside and outside.

Genetic seedlings of the Auto CBD Critical Mass Strain kind, a slightly more Indica form, are common and grow quickly in their range. Crops grown from autoflowering CBD Critical Mass seeds resemble and smell like their well-known parents, but are smaller and easier to handle.

Auto CBD Critical Mass Strain Medical Benefits

There are many different fragrant, woody, musky, honey, and pine flavors in CBD Critical Mass. The pressure of this strain is strong. The CBD soothing properties of this strain are well known for easing nausea and tenseness in the muscles that accompany migraines, tension headaches, and chemotherapy.

Cannabis is a growing therapeutic preference. This strain is frequently recognized to show that hallucinations and cluster headaches are treated extremely efficiently on their medication, suggesting that it helps reduce stress and is, therefore, one of the better therapies for this illness.

Final Thoughts

This strain is knowns for its lovely aromas reminiscent of freshly rained-on trees in the forest. Auto CBD Critical Mass is not psychoactive, which is perfect to use when you want to relax after a hard day or get some sleep if you suffer from insomnia. You may expect an explosion of tastes when you smoke it, including honey, lemon, and fruits.

First step is to grow CBD Critical Mass Strain successfully by choosing the proper seeds. At Rocket Seeds, we provide both feminized and autoflowering seeds with a 100% germination guarantee. We are a growing company that has already arrived in Australia. Contact us right away to order your preferred Critical Mass CBD seeds so you may cultivate your plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does CBD Critical Mass Strain make you feel?

It is best to drink Critical Mass in the evening because it can make you feel tired. You can use this strain consistently to settle down, lessen anxiety and jitters, and increase your sense of comfort in your own house. The high CBD content combines with the THC to increase potency.

What may CBD Critical Mass Strain help with?

Using the Critical Mass CBD Strain Critical Mass CBD is a CBD strain that is well-known for its soothing effects on the body, which help to relieve nausea and muscle tension brought on by migraines, tension headaches, and chemotherapy. This is an excellent supplement to use if you have insomnia or just want to unwind after a long day because it is non-psychotropic.

What are the negative effects of CBD Critical Mass strain?

Negative Effects of the Auto Critical Strain You can anticipate experiencing excessive dryness, extreme eyes, and cottonmouth after consuming this strain. Although this strain has a small THC content, it is potent enough to cause dry eyes and mouth even at extremely low doses, which is characteristic of THC levels in cannabis.