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OG Kush Fast Version Marijuana Seeds

OG Kush Fast Version is a popular strain for its potent effects. It’s known for its ability to provide a long-lasting high that can help to relax the body and mind.

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OG Kush Fast Version is a highly sought-after strain due to its unique effects. This strain is known for providing users with a strong sense of relaxation, making it perfect for those looking to unwind after a long day. It is also known for providing a sense of euphoria, which can help to elevate the mood and provide users with a positive, upbeat outlook. Even if it grows in secret, OG Kush has amazing qualities and a seductive influence. With its fast-growing seeds, it can complete the flowering stage even more quickly with outcomes of satisfactory quality and great production.

On Rocket Seeds, you can get these varieties as well as others. Our seed bank is stocked with the best items and is waiting to assist you in beginning your growing experience. Your order will be delivered to you quickly, discreetly, and with the utmost care to maintain the viability of the seeds.

What is OG Kush Fast Version Strain?

The euphoria of the OG Kush Fast Version is distinctive, mixing the smell of skunk and gasoline to denote its OG Kush origin. Thick crystal coats provide proof of abundant trichome production. The strain is supposed to be descended from Thai Lemon, Chemdawg, and Old World Paki Kush with a significant Hindu Kush impact, according to the breed’s enigmatic lineage.

It’s a magnificent offspring of the legendary Bubba Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, and Headband. It won the Cannabis Cup in 2010 and 2011 respectively for Best Indica. This strain falls within the high THC category with a THC content of 20–24%. Users start to feel quite relaxed after their first smoke. Buds from OG Kush fast contain 0.2% CBD on average. Although OG Kush quick version cannabis is more complex than other strains, you shouldn’t be discouraged from trying to grow it.

The high THC and low CBD levels produce a tremendous mind-high and mild, soothing body-high. Even novices may produce some substantial colas with the appropriate mindset, nutrients, and premium seeds. This strain is also known for providing users with a strong sense of focus, making it perfect for those who need to stay sharp and focused while working or studying.


  • Rapid form develop into flowers that smell sour, sweet, and skunky. Diesel and berry fragrances come together in an unusual way to produce a noteworthy scent.
  • OG Kush quick version plants release delicious scents when they start to flower thanks to substances called terpenes. Different terpenes produce distinct scents that change depending on their composition.


  • Flavor and Fragrance of OG Kush Fast Form The fast version of OG Kush taste and smells very similar to the original, which is pungent and has a smell of gasoline and kerosene. These flavors are supported by exquisite but subdued citrus overtones, particularly lemon, and a contrasting peppery undertone.


  • It looks like a traditional yellow-green sugar leaf with orange pistils and green, occasionally sage-hued water leaves. The buds have a thick layer of crystalline trichomes covering them.

Strain Profile

  •   Strain Parents: OG Kush x Indica Auto
  •   Strain Dominant: Indica-dominant
  •   CBD content: 0.5-1%
  •   THC content: 22%
  •   Flowering Time: 6-8 weeks

OG Kush Fast Version Strain Growing Information

Information on how to cultivate the OG Kush variety at home using our quick, auto, or feminized seeds is simple. For this weed, topping or trimming broad fan leaves close to the plant’s top mostly works effectively because it permits light and air to reach the lower branches’ blooming nodes. OG Kush Fast Flowering is exactly what its name implies. This strain with all the characteristics of the original OG Kush packed into a fast-flowering photoperiod. Approximately  500–600gr/m2 yields that this strain produces higher yields and higher quality cannabis than many auto-flowering varieties.

OG Kush Fast Version Strain Medical Benefits

The yield from OG Kush rapid version marijuana seeds can excite both recreational and medical marijuana users equally. Clients claim that OG Kush quick version buds have elevating, calming qualities that, from a medical standpoint, help with depression and anxiety.

High-stress individuals also claim that a few puffs help them feel calmer. Fast-growing OG Kush has potent calming effects that frequently provide relief for migraine, arthritic, and fatigue sufferers. These properties are advantageous to insomniacs as well since over time, the buds have a potent sedative effect. Smokers of the OG Kush fast variant should take their time and enjoy each puff if they desire mellow results.

Final Thoughts

Majority of people in California, on the west coast of the United States, have come to love the OG Kush Fast Version, which is acknowledged to be one of the most famous seed varieties in all of cannabis history. This strain was created and is regarded as a blessing by both recreational and medical marijuana consumers because of its exquisitely blended parents.

It is regarded as one of the countless top-notch seed varieties that maintained their popularity despite winning numerous cannabis cups. It can have a distinctive flavor and scent with undertones of skunk and diesel flavor due to its Indica genetics. This strain is in high demand and is still improving and enhancing its accomplishments. The OG Kush might be ideal for you just to demonstrate its accomplishments.

Place an order on our website here at Rocket Seeds, and we’ll guarantee you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grow this exceptional strain. Reaching Australia and other nations, we are more than delighted to meet the demands of our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is OG Kush a tricky strain to grow?

A novice grower might not want to use OG Kush because it might be a challenging strain to grow. Typically, growing it inside in a well-regulated setting works best. If it’s grown properly, you may anticipate a respectable production of stunning buds that, when they’re done, have an almost fluorescent green appearance.

Is OG Kush an indica or sativa?

Due to breeder secrecy, the origin of OG Kush, sometimes referred to as “OGK,” a somewhat Sativa dominant hybrid strain specifically 55% Sativa and 45% Indica, is unclear, however, it is believed to be a cross of the well-known Chemdawg X Hindu Kush strains.

How much does OG Kush cost?

One gram of OG Kush can cost up to $30, making it one of the priciest strains available. It is so well-liked in the US that it has come to be associated with a potent high, driving up the price thanks to the public endorsements of numerous musicians, rappers, Hollywood figures, and even recovering athletes.

What are the THC and CBD levels of Og Kush?

This typically contains between 16 and 24% THC, with 18% being approximately average. Some strains feature noticeable quantities of the other minor cannabinoids, including CBG, CBC, and CBN, while others have modest CBD levels of up to 1%.