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Auto CBD Girl Scout Cookies Strain Marijuana Seeds

The Auto CBD Girl Scout Cookies Strain was created via repeated crossings between a CBD-rich strain and Cheese across several generations.

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Due to its extremely intense smell, this Auto CBD Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) Strain needs to be handled with particular care. This strain has extremely potent calming effects that will take care of all aches and pains, allowing you to keep enjoying your day. Users of this strain will experience deep relaxation and more pronounced fresh flavors and aromas, along with hints of cheese and flowers. Cannabis enthusiasts like this strain’s combination of smells and aromas.

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What is Auto CBD Girl Scout Strain?

The cannabis strain known as Auto CBD Girl Scout Cookies is composed of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. The CBD and THC ratio of this Indica-dominant strain is 1:1 and 10%, correspondingly. Patients experiencing ailments and discomforts are ideal candidates for this strain. It was challenging to create the marijuana strain.

Because of its DNA Cheese and CBD-rich strain, Auto CBD Girl Scout Cookies are renowned for their distinctive and exceptional flavors and fragrances. It is regarded as the ideal fusion of Sativa and Indica. Its hybrid Cheese genetics is definitely what gives it strength, while the resin and yield are caused by other CBD qualities. This strain has developed more strong deep flavors and fragrances with obvious traces of flowers and cheese that will make users feel deeply relaxed.

Originally containing up to 28% THC, CBD Girl Scout Cookies now has a CBD content of 10%, making it a go-to herb for anyone who is in pain. This legendary strain’s THC content creates buzzy, euphoric, relaxing, and uplifting waves. The CBD side simultaneously sends bursts of calming relaxation to the body, causing sedatives and warm sleepiness as well as a sense of calm and controllability.


  • Due to its Cheese and CBD-rich strain genes, the Auto CBD Girl Scout Cookies strain has a unique flavor and aroma that is reminiscent of both flower and cheese.


  • Cheese, flowery, and sweet flavors are present in this strain, with earthy and pine overtones in the finish.


  • The hybrid Girl Scout Cookies strain is immediately noticeable for how frosty it is. It is covered with white and has a much lighter coloring than other stains that you are probably accustomed to seeing.

Strain Profile

  •   Strain Parents: Girl Scout Cookies Auto x Unknown CBD strain
  •   Strain Dominant: 50% Indica 50% Sativa
  •   CBD content: 10%
  •   THC content: 10%
  •   Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks

Auto CBD Girl Scout Strain Growing Information

On a continent, the strain does well. Within 8-9 weeks of the flowering stage, this strain may yield 600 grams per square meter when grown indoors. The strain’s harvest season is in October, and it has a whopping 600 grams of buds per plant when grown outdoors. It has a structure different from the original strain and a significantly shorter flowering period, in just 50–60 days indoors.

Both indoor and outdoor environments are favorable for Auto CBD Girl Scout Cookies Strain’s growth. To fully benefit from the strain, this should be followed to optimize the number of plants per square meter and control the strain’s size. This automatic hybrid gives breeders, particularly the impatient ones, the opportunity to grow a variety of cannabis that offers a very respectable yield in a short amount of time.

Under ideal circumstances, reasonable yields of up to 400-500 g/m2 indoors can be anticipated. Additionally, it has a maximum height of 3m. It can produce significant yields of 1-2 kg per plant when grown outside in garden beds or pots and warm, favorable weather.

Auto CBD Girl Scout Strain Medical Benefits

Girl Scout Cookies high in CBD aid to fight against the side effects of chemotherapy, seizures, and muscle discomfort by reducing pain and inflammation. This Hybrid with a predominance of Indica is intended for use in the medical industry. In a therapeutic perspective, this strain is ideal for those who are suffering and experiencing anxiety because they can help you deal with physical and mental symptoms of anxiety and stress disorders. Additionally, this strain smells crispy and earthy and feels excellent both while you’re smoking it and after.

In fact, it is regarded as the go-to weed for any medical marijuana users and patients who are suffering from a variety of physical and mental illnesses due to its equal ratio of THC and CBD levels. This plant can relieve fibromyalgia, muscle tension, joint pain, arthritis, and even inflammation-related pain. Additionally, it might be of tremendous assistance to people who are struggling with anxiety, stress, or mild depression. The strain can lessen the intensity of Parkinson’s disease-related tremors and epileptic seizures.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis collectors are very fond of the flavors and perfume it combines. Its effects are moderately potent and moderately long-lasting, and it significantly increases happiness. This is also a fantastic option for a variety of therapeutic uses, particularly for people who need to increase their appetites.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Girl Scout cookies’ autoflowering strain?

One of the most well-known strains, Girl Scout Cookies, is becoming more and more well-liked over the world. It is now available as Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering thanks to the addition of auto-flowering genetics.

Does Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) Strain have CBD?

This hybrid strain contains CBD and a moderate amount of THC in dried flower form. It might make you feel euphoric. Its naturally occurring terpenes give off flavors like cheese, spice, and sweetness.

What are the characteristics of Girl Scout cookies auto?

As she approaches maturity, Girl Scout Cookies Auto may show red and orange tones on the buds and foliage. Buds will release highly potent scents while they are in the blossoming stage. Be the first to leave a review.