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Critical + 2.0 Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Critical + 2.0 Strain exhibits the full potential of contemporary breeding and is quick, strong, and surprisingly productive for an Autoflowering variety.

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The distinguishing characteristics of the second-generation cultivar have been modified for easier growing from this strain. Our variation has the added benefit of being genetically 100% female, allowing you to focus all of your efforts on crops that bear buds.

The smoking experience is enhanced by an increased dose of Indica thanks to this Hybrid. Its extreme THC concentrations produce a powerful, all-over buzz with very little sativa-style energy. Strong aromas that combine citrus and skunk into one fragrant bundle foreshadow the strong effects that will come.

This enhanced variety is a fantastic addition to our selection of Autoflowering seeds. It overflows your garden with female, quickly-flowering plants and is non-photoperiod. In just 9short weeks, grow at home to replenish your crop of buds. You like what you hear? Purchase Critical + 2.0 Strain cannabis seeds from Rocket Seeds to get a taste of it. For growers with goals for both personal usage and professional success, this current variety is suitable.

What is Critical + 2.0 Strain?

A Critical, Autoflowering and a Critical + were crossed to create the Critical + 2.0 Strain, which is an Indica-dominant, autoflowering variety. The end result is an automatic Hybrid that is top-notch throughout. The result is strong, calming, and long-lasting, making it ideal for relaxing.

Cannabis seed known as Critical + 2.0 Strain is an upgraded autoflowering variety of Critical +. It is a compact, strong marijuana plant with a high yield that is easy to grow and produces gorgeous, dense buds with a lemon aroma. Even in harsh climates, this cannabis strain produces high-quality yields.

This strain’s predominant flavors, incense and pine, wonderfully balance the tartness of the lemon. Customers have identified this strain’s trademarks, sandalwood and nutmeg, which are suggestive of its mountain Indica donors.

If the local climate is conducive, Critical + 2.0 Strain cannabis seed can be harvested multiple times a year. It is a fantastic alternative for indoor cultivation because of its size, which makes it well adapted to compact places. Cannabis farmers will be mesmerized by this strain’s superb performance because it grows with little effort.


  • Like the original Critical +, Critical + 2.0 Strain has an overpowering Skunk fragrance with strong lemon undertones that will not fail to please. With undertones of lemon, this strain has a strong flavor and scent.


  • Initial inhale, gives you the flavor is sweet and lemony, on the exhale, it is smooth and sweet with a lingering sour, spicy, lemon flavor.
  • In terms of overall flavor, Critical + 2.0 Strain is right up there with the best hybrids available. It is sweet and spicy, woody and flowery.


  • The Strain have a thin stem, short/medium internodal spacing, and are primarily indica-dominant. The entire body of this incredibly robust plant is covered in her medium-sized Indica/Sativa leaves. Her only weakness is her resistance to wetness, which is happily made up for by her quick flowering, which reduces all risk of being attacked by fungi.

Strain Profile

  • Strain Parents: Critical + Auto x Critical +
  • Strain Dominant: Mostly Indica
  • CBD Content: 0.3%
  • THC Content: 16%
  • Flowering Time: 10-12 Weeks

Critical + 2.0 Strain Growing Information

Critical + 2.0 Strain seeds prioritize simplicity above fast flowering, photoperiod avoidance, and mold resistance. All they need is the stability that a good green thumb can provide. For producers with intermediate skill levels and high productivity goals, this herb is the ideal choice.

Due to her little size, this strain is very fascinating for indoor growth. Though she thrives in all climatic conditions, we advise caution in excessively wet and humid areas, especially during blooming because mold could strike hard given her Indica genes and the dense nature of her buds.

Their 4.5-foot height allows them to fit in most locations, and they prefer soil and hydroponic settings. However, they need a lot of food, water, and sunlight because they are hungry. If you reside in a warm environment, plant outdoors. Locate a sunny area and shield your crop from bad weather. Give a lot of food, especially phosphorus.

Utilize powerful grow lamps on an 18/6 schedule for the duration of the life cycle. Maintain relative humidity at 40–45% and temperatures between 70–80 °F. Increase the amount of light the buds receive to fatten them, and make sure there is excellent ventilation to control odor. Additionally, a charcoal filter might be useful.

As an alternative, grow your autoflower Critical + 2.0 Strain seeds inside, where vertical growth control is necessary. Utilize the Screen of Green method to limit stretching and promote cannabis synthesis. Just take care not to stress out your crop!

Critical + 2.0 Strain Medical Benefits

Aside from the apparent 420 high, Critical + 2.0 Strain has a lot of health advantages. Along with migraines, exhaustion, stress, anxiety, and depression, these leaves can help with a number of ailments, including chronic muscle spasms.

Caryophyllene, Linalool, Pinene, and Eudesmol are just a few of the Terpene profiles that have anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, anti-epileptic, anticonvulsant, antitumor, and anticancer activities. Additionally, chemicals with antipsychotic, antidepressant, and sleep- and infection-promoting effects are found. These advantages stand on their own and are astonishing enough, but when produced together from these strong cannabis seeds from Rocket Seeds, have the potential to transform lives.

Final Thoughts

This strain is slightly easier to grow because of its autoflowering traits, and Critical strains are known for their enormous, thick, and highly frosty blooms. This strain’s extremely calming effects have brought it notoriety on a global scale, and the scent of sweet and tangy lemon and the flavor of peppery pine speaks to its long history.

Another factor contributing to this strain’s enormous appeal is the fact that these seeds are feminized. The absence of males makes gardening considerably less stressful, and the enormous yields are sure to satisfy.

Order now here at Rocket Seeds, we  guarantee that you will always receive Marijuana Seeds at the affordable prices of the highest quality. So, what are you waiting for? Check us out and enjoy bigger savings!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a beginner grow Critical + 2.0 Strain?

Beginners could cultivate auto Critical + 2.0 seeds, but the photoperiod variety is preferable for them. The best cultivators for autoflowers are intermediate ones. Their extremely quick life cycles give little opportunity to correct beginner mistakes and the stress they cause plants.

The plant doesn’t require much trimming to remain happy and healthy. After the final frost in the early spring, plant your marijuana seeds. If you feel wild, try it again in early June and early September. Two months are needed for outdoor growing, and each crop yields about 3.5 ounces of sticky pot.

What is the Critical + 2.0 Strain flower time?

In 8 to 9 weeks, Critical + 2.0 Strain seeds bloom. By then, the entire crop—significantly including the foliage—will be covered in the sticky adhesive. Additionally, the smells become overpowering, necessitating an active carbon filter if you want to keep up the appearance of discretion.

In outdoor settings, avoid harvesting beyond mid-October. Any later puts your plants at risk of being damaged by the cold.

What is the average Critical + 2.0 Strain height?

Autoflower Critical + 2.0 seeds grow dense but unexpectedly tall plants considering their brief lifespan. They grow to a height of more than four feet while forming sturdy lateral branches.