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Banana Strain Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Banana Strain Autoflower is a bud that you may munch on any day you don’t have much, since it has a scent that is uncannily similar to its name and a calming body-heavy effect.

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Banana Strain

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The Banana Strain tastes very much like a freshly peeled banana, as the name would imply, yet every exhale has a dash of tropical spice. Fruits and soil are highlighted in the aroma, which is moderately acidic and skunky with a lush tropical overtone. The Banana Strain starts off gradually, knocking you down before it drags you completely under, keeping you relaxed and comfortable for hours on end. Rocketseeds offers you the excellent quality of seeds you need or want!

What is Banana Strain?

The Banana Strain, sometimes referred to as Banana OG, is a traditional member of the OG Kush family and has a maximum THC content of 25% and a very low CBD content, with its parent breed of OG Kush, White Kush, and Banana Sensi Seeds. Since there has been such a concerted effort to pack as much THC into the bud as possible that no CBD has left space, this is quite typical of most OG Kush strains.

Before you even begin to think, you can feel a flutter of ecstasy in your chest and stomach. You are spacious but completely at ease, which makes this contentment irksome and stony. The soothing high body that follows deepens and intensifies until you are completely at ease and asleep.


  • Unmistakably banana-like and warm from the sun, the aroma is intoxicating. Tropical fruit undertones are also present, along with earthy undertones, behind that.


  • As implied by the name, the initial puff of a banana tastes most like a banana. But when smoked, it tastes excellent and has overtones of various tropical fruits. There is an earthy aftertaste on the exhale.


  • When you see Banana Strain, you’ll immediately recognize it because of its vivid green color and fluffy golden hairs.

Strain Profile

  • Strain Parents: OG Kush x White Kush x Banana Sensi
  • Strain Dominant: Indica-dominant (60%)
  • CBD Content: Low
  • THC Content: 25 %
  • Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks

Banana Strain Growing Information

The medium height of Banana Strain makes plants simple to set up indoors. The bulk of developing areas can use it. Even yet, when dealing with confined spaces, it is frequently crucial to address this problem early. It is easier to keep track of the plant’s size and output if the vegetative phase is kept brief. By adopting a low-stress preparation procedure, such as the Sea of Green approach as an expansion, the plant will flower at an early age and shorten the flowering period. Growers won’t have to wait long to harvest bananas indoors since banana autoflower plants flower in 8 to 9 weeks. When fully grown, a good number of buds weigh between 10 and 12 ounces per square meter. The Sea of Green strategy is presented. Every square meter of buds typically weighs between 10 and 12 ounces when they are completely matured. The plant will grow even more impressively if the Sea of Green approach is implemented.

Additionally, indoor growing makes it simple to employ the Sea of Green (SOG) approach, which improves space utilization and light distribution. You may anticipate a harvest of about 19 ounces of lush Banana Seeds autoflower buds per m2 when you employ the SOG technique and keep the right humidity conditions.

Growing outside is also a simple and satisfying activity. Climates that are dry and sunny are optimum for this plant. Try our Homegrown plant protectant kit, which includes a mold shield, and keep a look out for mold. The best growth season for northern hemisphere residents may be between April and October. Your labor of love will be rewarded with 4 to 7 ounces of shimmering blossoms from the outdoor harvest.

Banana Strain Medical Benefits

In fact, cannabis strains like banana, which have such high THC levels, are excellent for treating a variety of harmful illnesses. First off, this strain excels at helping users deal with difficult emotions. You may completely rid yourself of any bad emotions thanks to the pure enjoyment and general sense of motivation and purpose it provides. This makes treating phobias and several other mental conditions equally beneficial.

It’s interesting to note that this strain is also used by writers who are experiencing a block. People with creative tendencies will let go of their inhibitions and release their actual creativity by opening their thoughts and allowing an honest sense of joy to fill them.

Final Thoughts

To enjoy this future classic, you don’t have to be crazy about bananas. One of the most distinctive and alluring flavor and smell profiles of any strain now in use is found in Banana Strain. This strain is a delightfully fruity superstar that you have to experience to understand. It is really simple to cultivate and typically tests for around 23% THC. This thing checks all the correct boxes when the urge for a potent Indica (with just the perfect amount of Sativa fulfillment) arises. All of this comes with the extra benefit of being incredibly simple to grow and able to produce healthy yields just nine weeks after seed germination. We at Rocketseeds promise that you will always have access to premium Banana Autoflower Marijuana Seeds at wholesale prices.

Frequently Asked Question

Can a beginner grow Banana Strain?

No. Autoflower seeds don’t give much space for error correction due to their brief vegetative phases. Because of this, we advise novice growers from starting with Banana Autoflower Marijuana Seeds. We advise you to look through our collection of beginner seeds and use Kyle Kushman’s beginners guide to quickly and easily harvest healthy buds.

What is the Banana Strain flower time?

Banana Autoflower Marijuana Seeds go through an autonomous flowering process in 7-8 weeks without altering the lighting schedule. Hydroponics and the SOG method may hasten flowering. They normally flower quite quickly, though it could take longer if the climate is not suitable.

How long do Banana Strain take to germinate?

All seeds produced at home can take anywhere between 48 hours and 5 days to sprout. Most banana autoflower seeds grow quickly, and some people have even reported taproots developing from the seeds after just one day. Use the damp tissue approach, which is described in our germination guide, at all times.

Are seeds for Banana Strain known by any other names?

No. Banana autoflowering buds is a rare variety whose name accurately captures its origins. The parent of several other strains, including Banana Punch, is the Banana strain.

Grow medium: Banana Autoflower Marijuana Seeds hydro or soil?

The procedure will go more quickly using a hydroponic SOG setup. Beginners should consider soil, which improves the banana flavor of Banana auto. Since this is a resilient plant that yields a good harvest either way, both approaches are effective.