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Cream Candy Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Cream Candy Strain seeds is best described as fulfilling and satisfying. It’s a wonderful, simple-to-grow, creamy marijuana treat for experienced growers.

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While its magnificent aroma is among the most remarkable and distinctive now on the market, its effects are euphoric while also being calming. An excellent gene pool can be found in this strain.You can’t go wrong with Cream Candy Strain if you’re seeking for some of the top Autoflowering Seeds in the cannabis world.

Smoke from cannabis grown from Cream Candy Strain seeds is silky. It whisks users off to a realm of sugar-coated fresh produce, cotton candy skies, and caramel rivers in no time. Are you itching to stockpile this Autoflowering Cream Candy Strain seeds? Continue reading as we examine the ancestry, effects, growing characteristics, and fragrance profile of this outstanding hybrid, here at Rocket Seeds!

What is Cream Candy Strain?

An Indica-dominant Hybrid autoflowering cannabis is called Cream Candy Strain. A strong Deimos strain (Northern Lights) and the delectable Cream Caramel strain were combined to create it. This variety flowers without the need for a special lighting schedule due to its automated lineage. From the time of germination, it will flower in just 60 days, and a few days later, it will be ready for harvest.

The Cream Candy Strain produces buds with a THC content of 19 to 24% with a sweet, earthy, and juicy flavor and scent. Because of this, this has a variety of Terpenes and Cannabinoids that easily relieve extreme mental and physical states. In addition, its mouthwatering aroma profile, which was passed down from the mother plant, tantalizes the senses with a flavor reminiscent of sweet caramel that is accented by earthy overtones. This marijuana, an award-winning hybrid, uplifts you and enables you to discover inner freedom and calm. However, the strain’s well-known drowsiness quickly takes over and whisks you away to Neverland.


  • This terpene-rich marijuana wonder excels at doing just that. Your salivary glands will go into overdrive as soon as the earthy caramel notes start to appear as the plants start to bloom.


  • When a strain’s flavor lives up to the high standards of its aroma, it’s always a real treat. And with this sweet delicacy, which delivers the creaminess in an almost vanilla-like accent that lingers on the tongue long after you’re done, you’re in for just such a treat.


  • Trichomes are glistening throughout this sample; when lit, they mimic glitter. The sample appears to reflect the fact that the flower is 90% indica. There are also some pieces of popcorn leaf present, and it is not as compact and dense as some of the other examples I have seen. I’m excited to smoke the Candy Cream, though, and I like how it looks overall.

Strain Profile

  • Strain Parents: Deimos x Cream Caramel
  • Strain Dominant: Mostly Indica
  • CBD Content: 0.7%
  • THC Content: 19-24%
  • Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks

Cream Candy Strain Growing Information

This strain grows tiny and is ideal for growing inside because of its automated traits. You will receive between 60 and 100 grams each plant and at least 400 to 500 grams per square meter of indoor space. The plant that Cream Candy Strain produces will be compact and tiny.

This makes it a suitable strain for covert indoor growing. Because it’s simple to grow, this automated hybrid is a fantastic choice for new gardeners.Unsurprisingly, many people choose to grow weed indoors. It does allow you complete control over the environment, after all. By doing this, you can make sure that your plants are receiving what they require at all times.

Cream Candy Strain is not a picky plant. In reality, autoflowers almost completely automate the growing process. Nevertheless, you should check that the correct circumstances and nutrient levels are being offered. If successful, you can anticipate 300 to 500 grams or 10.6 to 17.6 ounces of potent marijuana per square meter. You’ll also adore this combination if you produce marijuana outdoors.

The plants are naturally resistant and well-suited for the harsh, unpredictable settings of outdoor gardens because of the Indica and Ruderalis genetics. As long as it’s not too cold, of course, they can endure lower temperatures considerably better than ordinary hybrids can.

What are the Medical Benefits of the Cream Candy Strain?

Cream Candy Strain is a simple favorite among recreational marijuana users, but it’s also ideal for medicinal use. The best part is that you can utilize it whether you have mental or physical ailments. This Hybrid, like many Indica-leaning strains, is a great option if you’re looking for effects that are more focused on the body.

Wait a little while after ingestion for the physical benefits to start reducing your pain, aches, and overall tension. This makes it an effective treatment for fibromyalgia, arthritis, and chronic pain. In addition to easing physical discomforts, it is also very sedating and may aid in promoting sleep, making it helpful for insomniacs. Simply put, you’ll be able to say good-bye to pain and restless nights with this strain.

This strain does more than just ease pain and promote sleep. The herb’s relaxing and uplifting effects will also provide momentary respite for people who are experiencing stress, anxiety, sadness, and other mood disorders. Generally speaking, inhalation techniques like smoking and vaping are advised if you seek fast-acting results. In the meantime, oral consumption is the best option for long-lasting symptom relief.

Final Thoughts

The outcomes of using Cream Candy Strain in grow operations, from the humble to the distinguished, speak for themselves. In the home, more than a pound can be collected per square yard. This figure for an autoflower is astounding. As waves of sweet seduction cradle users into a stress-free realm of calm and beatitude, a soft and silky pleasure pours over the body and mind.

There are countless reasons to enjoy this strain, and Rocket Seeds strongly advises that you use these seeds in your own growth to confirm this. We make sure to ship superior quality and high-germinating seeds at reasonable prices. In order to preserve the viability of the seeds, your order will be delivered to you quickly, discreetly, and with the utmost care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Cream Candy Strain marijuana smell like?

Cream Candy strain seeds received from their parental strain their delicious, special scent and flavor. However, the three most significant terpenes in this hybrid—caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene—are what give it its distinctive fragrance signature. The cultivar’s silky smoke, when burned, entices the senses with an extraordinarily sweet, caramel flavor accentuated by earthy overtones. With a distinct and lingering creamy vanilla aftertaste on the exhale, it further satiates the palate and entices users to keep taking more.

Can a beginner grow Cream Candy Strain seeds?

Cream Candy auto seeds are an auto-flowering variety, thus they aren’t fully appropriate for beginners. However, this hybrid will be a breeze to cultivate for anyone with at least some gardening experience. These plants are manageable due to their hardiness and comparatively small stature. Growing them is made further simpler by the cultivar’s feminization and ability to survive in most settings.

What is the flowering time of Cream Candy Strain marijuana?

Cream Candy seeds grow 14–21 oz./m2 of powerful marijuana indoors after an 8–10 week flowering time. After a life cycle of around 75 days, outdoor growers can anticipate a harvest of 11–18 oz. of excellent cannabis per plant.

What is the average height of Cream Candy Strain cannabis?

Candy Cream auto seeds grow into medium-sized plants with an average height of 3.6 feet, staying true to their indica origin. These plants are perfect for covert and indoor growing because of their strong, squat character.