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BC God Bud Strain Regular Marijuana Seeds

The Regular BC God Bud Strain is known as a potent Indica with properties effective enough to relieve existing pain in your body and can lock you down in your bed.

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The Indica-dominant strain BC God Bud is renowned for having a high THC concentration. Tropical fruit flavors dominate the flavor, with undertones of berry, lavender, and pine being generated. Purchase the seeds from Rocket Seeds, we only offer seeds that our seed genetic experts have cultivated to the highest standards. Join our growing community and contact us from Australia. Order right away to get started growing your own plant.

What is BC God Bud Strain?

BC God Bud Strain earned its name due to its potently high effect on the body. Given that euphoria will automatically be induced in your body, relaxation and pumping your day will be expected if you give this God a shot. A crossbreed from God, Purple Skunk, and Hawaiian with a THC level of 27% and CBD of 4% will give you a soaring high state of mind.

The God Bud strain, also referred to as Purple God Bud, is a well-known Indica-dominant Hybrid (60:40) with high THC levels and a rather enigmatic genetic history. These seeds must live up to some extremely high expectations after winning the BC Bud Depot Cannabis Cup for “World’s Best Indica.”It is well renowned and respected for providing an extremely potent uplifted bliss fueled by creative energy.

This strain has a lot of accomplishments such as being a multi-awarded strain and one of the consumer’s choices. Regular BC God Bud strain shoots many birds with one bullet, meaning, it has multiple effects in just one shot. It can target the mind and the body making you turn like a God. Cultivating this strain in your backyard or indoors is game-changing.


  • When inhaled, berry, lavender, and pine aromas are among the flavors that are perceived with the BC God Bud strain. The plant’s tropical blend of fruity fragrances, which gave it its name, indicates that the crop was properly cultivated.


  • The BC God Bud Strain has purple accents on top of a vibrant green bud structure. This strain has a strong, earthy aroma with a sweet, almost chocolate-like note on top. Users describe skunk, pine, sweet notes, and a powerful earthy bite throughout the entire encounter, demonstrating how this distinctive scent lends itself to even greater flavors.


  • Appearance The BC God bud is a show-stopper because of its beautiful orange hairs and an abundance of white, sticky crystal trichomes that binds to the bud. The Purple Skunk‘s ancestry of the strain gives the buds a purposeful tinge.

Strain Profile

  •   Strain Parents: God x Hawaiian x Purple Skunk
  •   Strain Dominant: 75% Indica 25% Sativa
  •   CBD content: 4%
  •   THC content: 27%
  •   Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks

BC God Bud Strain Growing Information

BC God Bud Strain can be cultivated in an hydroponic or a soil environment. When grown indoors, the high-maintenance stain’s bud will produce more than 4 ounces per square meter, a substantially lower yield than many other strains in its class. Despite having low total yields, BC God Bud flowers quickly in just seven or eight weeks. This strain can be cultivated outside in cooler locations, although it thrives in temps about 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The output of BC God Bud grown outdoors will rapidly decrease to just 3 ounces per plant.

Growers can reduce the size of their plants at intervals of a few days throughout the flowering cycle to increase the crop’s overall yield. If you prune during the flowering stage for longer than three weeks, you risk reducing the plant’s capacity to expand. The areas closest to the bud sites, all leaves that are withering from a lack of light, and any branches that are hidden in the ceiling and receiving insufficient sunlight are the best targets for cutting.

What are the Medical Benefits of BC God Bud Strain?

The cannabis community looks to BC God Bud seeds, one of the strongest Indica strains available, for their alleged therapeutic advantages. BC God Bud, a potent Indica with a cerebral undertone, is the perfect strain for treating persistent stress, migraines, mood disorders, and anxiety. Regular God Bud Strain also offers people more advanced levels of relief, which could be useful for treating sleep issues like insomnia. Due to these sedative effects, God Bud is best used in the late evening. A strain that is great for both seasoned and new users, BC God Bud is calming. It is the perfect way to relax after a demanding day because it releases stress with each exhale.

Final Thoughts

When a cannabis strain becomes popular, a lot of hype develops around the variety’s name and history. A must-try Canadian Indica-dominant strain is the strain of BC God Bud. The God Bud high has been compared by users to being transported to paradise and returned. Its popularity attracted a lot of consumers increasing its demand in the market.

With the highest quality seeds, do not think twice because Rocket Seeds guarantees a high percentage of seed growth. This strain might fit what you were looking for. A strain that is preferred by the majority and a multiple-award winner makes it worth item buying to treat yourself and experience an out-of-this-world adventure. Hit our inbox and transact smoothly with us because we are available globally and now we have reached beautiful Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BCBC God Bud?

Through BC Bud Depot, feminized, normal, and bulk seed packets of BC God Bud are offered. One of BC Bud Depot’s most sought-after strains is God Bud. BC Bud Depot, a recognized pioneer in the agricultural sector, works tirelessly to expand its breeding capacity.

What is God Bud?

Through BC Bud Depot, feminized, normal, and bulk seed packets of BC God Bud are offered. One of BC Bud Depot’s most sought-after strains is God Bud. BC Bud Depot, a recognized pioneer in the agricultural sector, works tirelessly to expand its breeding capacity.

What is the CBD level of God Bud?

The majority of God Bud genotypes have a low CBD content of about 0.10%. However, BC Bud Depot found a 4% CBD-containing pink pistil phenotype of its God Bud strain. In the world of medical cannabis, the God Bud strain is incredibly well-liked. It is a go-to strain for people who experience chronic stress because of its calming and energizing benefits.