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Big Bud Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The extraordinarily high yields of Big Bud Feminized are well-known. 85% of the strain’s genetics are Indica, and the sedative, all-over high is very apparent.

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Big Bud Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds are a highly sought after strain due to their high yield and potent effects. They are perfect for those looking for a relaxing and sedative experience, and they are relatively easy to cultivate, making them a popular choice among both novice and experienced growers.

The effects of Big Buds are true to its indica lineage, providing a potent, deeply calming full-body effect that lasts and pairs well with its incredible aroma and taste. Thus, the high is strong, sedative, and calming. Users claim to feel happy and euphoric while smoking it, which may be related to the strain’s 15% Sativa genetics.

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What is Big Bud Strain?

The Big Bud Strain was first created in the 1980s, a well-known and reputable cannabis seed company based in Amsterdam. It was created by crossing a powerful Afghan Indica, Northern Lights with a strong Skunk #1, resulting in a strain with a high THC content and a relaxing, sedative effect.

The THC content of this strain, which can exceed 18%, makes it a winner for just about everybody. In fact, Big Bud Strain won a Cannabis Cup and it survived and gained appeal once more in the United States, she took home the top honors in the “Mostly Indica” category of the second High Times Cannabis Cup 1989.

Big Bud is a potent strain for positive vibes since it deeply relaxes the body in addition to producing cheerful, upbeat feelings. Thanks to its strong yields, this continues to be a favorite among all kinds of growers. Big Bud’s powerful, all-encompassing effects, which are true to its indica genetic heritage, will strongly encourage you to unwind. This strain, also referred to as a “go to sleep” strain, is best used for a nocturnal high. That’s because you’ll be out like a newborn for hours once you pass out.


  • Big Bud’s aroma is best described as mostly dank with a faint undercut of delectably sweet fruit, which is a popular aroma.


  • As they develop, the plants give out a lovely perfume that is sweet, fruity, and slightly spicy.The flavor of this strain will give off flavors of earth, skunk, and wood once the nugs are burned or converted into an edible form, finishing with a lingering sweetness and spice in your mouth and breath.


  • It  exactly what its name implies: aromatic, highly resinous cannabis buds so large they may pop your eyes out of their sockets. This plant grows tall and long, as is typical of Indicas, and its height matches its massive flowers.
  • She’s a real beauty at harvest, with purple and frosty white trichome-covered buds that may be difficult to break apart due to big Bud’s extreme stickiness.

Strain Profile

  • Strain Parents: Afghani x Skunk x Northern Lights
  • Strain Dominant: 80% Indica 20% Sativa
  • CBD Content: 0.1%
  • THC Content: 15-20%
  • Flowering Time: 6 – 8 weeks

Big Bud Strain Growing Information

Big Bud is a high-yielding strain capable of producing up to 3 to 6 oz per square foot, which is why it’s a favorite among growers, particularly seasonal and commercial growers. The plant can be grown not only indoors, but also in greenhouses and outdoors, as long as it is kept warm and sunny. In comparison to other marijuana strains, the Big Bud marijuana strain flowers quickly. After 6-8 flowering weeks, you can expect to harvest a bounty of heavy, compact buds blanketed in the resinous glaze.

The main selling feature of this strain is its impressive yields, which are produced by these resin-coated buds. Users might anticipate between 500 and 600 grams per sqm when cultivated indoors. Growers are likely to have an even greater yield outside, averaging between 800-1200 g per plant.

Big Bud is the ideal choice for the SOG (Sea of Green) system since the majority of its yield develops on the center stem. The plants are adaptable and can be trained to assume any position. Additionally useful is SCROG (Screen of Green), and both supercropping and lollipopping work nicely with this strain.

Big Bud Strain Medical Benefits

These seeds are known for their high yield and potent effects, making them an ideal choice for both recreational and medicinal use. While Big Bud does not contain high levels of CBD, its potency and pain-relieving effects demonstrate great therapeutic potential, making it an ideal strain for medical patients looking to relieve anxiety as well as pains and aches in the body. Big Bud has been reported to increase appetite in consumers just hours after consumption, so be sure to have a few delectable treats on hand.

Final Thoughts

Big Bud cannabis truly reigns supreme when it comes to yield, effects, and flavor. And, thankfully, its popularity endures, owing entirely to its creators, who recognized its potential from the start. Smokers will quickly realize that this cannabis strain is a force to be reckoned with. Big Bud will induce an indica high that quickly takes hold of the body, leaving you feeling both cerebral and Stoney after just a few puffs. Euphoria and happiness are accompanied by deeply relaxing sensations in the body.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the expected effects of the Big Bud Strain?

Smokers will quickly discover that this cannabis strain is a force to be reckoned with. Big Bud will induce an indica high that quickly takes hold of the body, leaving you feeling both cerebral and stoney after only a few puffs. Euphoric and happy feelings are accompanied by deeply relaxing sensations in the body.

Is Big Bud Strain hard to grow?

Growing the Big Bud marijuana strain both indoors and outdoors is not too difficult. It can be grown from either conventional or feminized seeds to produce a strong plant with built-in pest and disease resistance..