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G13 Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

This G13 Strain an Autoflowering variety that nobody is quite sure where it comes from, and it has unusual effects that are challenging to duplicate.

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This strain is much better than sleep issues. You’ll wake up feeling your best after a pleasant G13-style nap. We’re pleased to offer marijuana seeds for this storied, intriguing strain, and we’re also streamlining the growing procedure. It doesn’t take long for tension to start having delightfully unexpected effects. Despite having mostly Indica dominant (70%) genes, the initial stone has a woody, orange taste and the feeling of an energized citrus sativa high. This tiny taste of motivation comes before the inevitable settling into a sedated state.

These and additional types are available on Rocket Seeds. The greatest seeds are in our seed bank, and we’re ready to help you start your gardening journey. In order to preserve the viability of the seeds, your order will be delivered to you quickly, discreetly, and with the utmost care.

What is G13 Strain?

The Government Indica Strain 13 was the ancestor of G13 Strain seeds. They made their debut in the 1970s. The most common myth holds that it was invented by the US government. It was later released to the stoner community by an unidentified techie. Although its origins are unknown, G13 forever altered the game once it became widely available.

Then, it became well-known in the silver screen by the 1990s, and it won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2007. This strain’s contemporary incarnation is a Top-notch Hybrid that contains over 70% Indica. It produces a strong, all-over stone with the added bonus of an upbeat, cerebral high. G13 locks the body to the couch while focusing and stimulating the intellect.

These marijuana seeds are original genetics x Ruderalis (or another non-photoperiod genome). In this instance, the outcome is a little bit more condensed but still quite generous. It’s simple to cultivate and appealing to the senses. Results appear as a cloud of smoke that has a truly smooth and scrumptious aroma of fruits, herbs, and mint. But despite what the fresh scent might imply, it’s not all fun and games. With average THC levels ranging between 22% and 24%, it’s also a THC monster.

Smokers experience a pleasant sense of exhilaration that wraps about them like a warm blanket from the very first hit of the joint. A smile takes the place of the tension. Your body starts to feel heavy as the high intensifies, making you long for the sofa. Next comes hunger, so keep some food close by to prevent getting up from the couch. The high lasts for a while before gently ending with a sensation of heavy eyelids that ushers you into a peaceful night’s sleep.


  • The citrus and berry-like sweet aroma that first fills the nostrils is pleasing. And smells fairly strong and could be repulsive. It smells skunky and like overripe, possibly decaying fruit. These buds, which are simultaneously sweet and sour, have a fruitiness that is nearly caustic with a skunky fragrance


  • G13 Strain has a strong and pungent flavor and smell character that should not be taken lightly thanks to its predominate myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene terpene profile. The flavor is genuinely exquisite, that’s rich with sweet and sugary undertones that support and enhance the earthy muskiness of the herb.


  • This marijuana is a bit on the dry side, dark, dense, and dank. This flower has a good amount of trichome covering and darker leaves on top of a lighter calyx. The pistils have an attractive orange hue.

Strain Profile

  • Strain Parents: G13 x Unknown Ruderalis
  • Strain Dominant: 70% Indica 30% Sativa
  • CBD Content: 0.7%
  • THC Content: 23%
  • Flowering Time: 10-12 Weeks

G13 Strain Growing Information

Considering G13 Strain is simpler to cultivate, growing it is safe for novices. This strain generally does well in terms of disease resistance. Additionally, introducing Ruderalis makes any indica or sativa plant more resilient. However, even outside, its lifecycle will be shortened by its autoflowering characteristics. Since you can’t keep the G13 Strain Autoflowering Marijuana seeds’ veg period lasting longer than the plant desires. Flowering happens automatically after a certain amount of time. Because the strain benefits from fertilizers, producers frequently use a hydroponic system.

In any event, pruning is a wise move, but you must carry it out while the plant is in the vegetative stage. These cannabis plants could be vulnerable to mold or rot if there is not adequate air because they have a tendency to become dense and bushy. It’s recommended to use the Sea of Green (SoG) Method.

What are the Medical Benefits of the G13 Strain?

G13 Strain seeds are grown by recreational users so they can have a supply on hand. This strain not only makes you have a great time but also encourages overall health. Regular recreational stoners value the mental and physical high. G13 marijuana seed-grown plants are also very beneficial to medical marijuana consumers.

Cannabis Indica is really therapeutic. It becomes an inside-out remedy that cures from head to toe when combined with Sativa. Positive energy is guaranteed with a puff of this stuff. It functions as a short-term anxiolytic and antidepressant, getting rid of anxiety and low motivation.

This smoking is a great symptom reducer for people with bipolar disorder, sadness, anxiety, or simply tension. Additionally, it makes you lot happier and broadens your outlook on life. Your body responds magically to the Indica side of things. It soothes muscles and works as a strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory medication. After taking a breath, any pain you are experiencing whether it be joint, muscular, or migraine will subside.

Final Thoughts

For daring marijuana users with chronic conditions, G13 autoflowering marijuana seeds are the go-to strain. It clears their minds and gets rid of their ailments. An alternative to addictive sleeping drugs is the sedating effects.

This little, stout plant focuses all of its energy on lateral growth, which results in enormous yields. Dedicated breeders have done wonders to get this hardy shrub to bloom soon, increasing its appeal. With this strong flower, which is ready for harvest in just eight weeks, neither quality nor quantity are to be compromised.

Rocket Seeds is currently offering the amazing G13 Strain Autflowering Marijuana Seeds for sale. Place your order now and get ready for a large crop of premium high-grade cannabis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a beginner grow G13?

G13 auto marijuana seeds can be grown into thriving, fruitful weed gardens by novices. The robust and durable Afghani indica genome makes cultivation simple. Allow ample room for lateral extending for each weed plant. Otherwise, stick to conventional gardening methods. Harvests in abundance are imminent.

What is the G13 flower time?

Between 56 and 63 days are required for G13 seeds to mature and become harvest-ready. The colas change color to orange and get a dense coating of trichomes. You have up to 20 oz of sticky blooms per square meter to gather in just nine short weeks.

How long does it take G13 from seeds to harvest?

Eight to nine weeks after planting, G13 seeds are ready for harvest. It’s extremely practical to have non-photoperiods with ruderalis genetics. The complete seed to yield duration is equal to their flowering time.

To transition from vegging to flowering, you won’t need to flip the lights. You strive to create the ideal environment. The rest will be handled by your weed plant on its own.

What is the average G13 height?

G13 autoflowering strain produce short marijuana plants that focus their efforts on lateral branching. They stand two to four feet tall at its highest point. That’s perfect for confined cultivation sites surrounded by a Sea of Green! Squat, compact plants are produced when the Ruderalis and Indica gene pools are joined. These merely need enough room for side stretching and don’t need much headroom.