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Amnesia Haze Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Enjoy the well-known qualities of the Amnesia Haze Autoflower variety. As you appreciate, one of the best cup-winning strain has to offer that’ll broaden your mind even more.

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Amnesia Haze Strain

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Take pleasure in this uplifting Sativa as it helps to reduce anxiety, headaches, and even fuels your creative spark. You undoubtedly deserve a strain that gives the highest qualities in the cannabis market as the marijuana enthusiast that you are. You will surely have a nice high when using the Amnesia Haze Autoflower seeds here at Rocket Seeds.

What is Amnesia Haze Strain?

The finest form of Amnesia Haze is a well-liked strain among consumers and farmers alike. This breed originated in the stunning nation of Spain, and its strain parents of Haze. The autoflowering variety is a great choice because it is particularly advised if you are planning a well-rounded collection of strains that provide you outstanding effects and abundant yields. This variety is essential to have in your own garden as a result.


  • Amnesia Haze has a flavor that is similar to fruity hash and a sweet, earthy aroma with notes of hot pepper.


  • Expect to love the lemon and spice undertones, which will activate the hallucinogenic effect. This strain has a head high that is practically psychedelic with each hit. Like you would anticipate from a premium Amnesia Haze strain, the flavor is a blend of fruity and fresh flavors.


  • This strain stands out for its chunky, dense flowers that exhibit a fusion of Sativa and Indica bud morphologies. Despite being tightly packed, the buds are tapered and humorous rather than round. Buds can range in color from green to yellow, depending on the curing method used. The leaves contrast with the rust-colored pistils that are intended to help the blooms collect pollen from other male cannabis plants.

Strain Profile

  • Strain Parents: Haze
  • Strain Dominant: Sativa-dominant
  • CBD Content: 1%
  • THC Content: 20-22%
  • Flowering Time: 10 to 13 weeks

Amnesia Haze Strain Growing Information

This strain, which is Sativa-dominant, offers an easy to moderate growth and only requires 8 or 9 weeks to finish flowering. They can survive both indoor and outdoor, which makes them somewhat hardy. This autoflowering variety develops into sturdy, medium-sized plants that create rich, sticky buds. This plant has the potential to grow tall. This indicates that when growing indoors, you might need to use some training techniques to regulate its height. You can expect to appreciate this strain’s qualities quickly because of its quick flowering time!

Amnesia Haze Strain Medical Benefits

You can expect that it is a fantastic medical marijuana alternative because it has a THC content level of 15.50%, which is regarded as being at a moderate level, and a CBD content level of 1.21%. It has an elevating impact, making it an excellent treatment for people with anxiety as well as those who are under a lot of stress. Additionally, this strain is excellent for those who have excruciating headaches. This strain can still help you get things done after use, so you won’t have to worry about being unproductive if you need to take it to cure yourself.
Final Thoughts

Amnesia Haze offers many of the wonderful characteristics that distinguish both Indica and Sativa cultivars. Acute awareness of surroundings and cerebral thought are brought on practically quickly by the high. This mental strength might result in a euphoric state of mind in a supportive environment. Users can notice that their mood has improved and that they have more energy. Please check out our stocks and store here at Rocket Seeds. We’re bound to have something perfect for your wants and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amnesia Haze a Sativa or Indica?

it’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid

What is Amnesia Haze strain good for?

Its ability to improve mood and energize may help people with mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety, and those experiencing chronic fatigue. Amnesia Haze is reportedly moderately effective at increasing appetite and alleviating pain.

Is Amnesia a strong strain?

Amnesia Haze is a powerful and legendary Sativa-dominant marijuana strain with a high THC content (between 22 and 24%) which first appeared in Europe in the 90s.

Is Amnesia Haze good for anxiety?

Given its mood-boosting effects, many people recommend Amnesia Haze for anxiety. There’s some evidence that its most active ingredient, THC, could help some people relax

Does Amnesia Haze make you paranoid?

Some people with anxiety find the heavy cerebral stimulation of Amnesia Haze to be a bit too much, ultimately causing paranoia.