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Green Dream Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Green Dream Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds are a Sativa-dominant hybrid, so consumers can anticipate energetic and awakening effects.

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Green Dream Strain is anticipated to be a Sativa-dominant strain because its parents are predominantly Sativa. This strain is expected to be a Sativa-dominant strain because its parents are predominantly Sativa. This cannabis plant produces buds that smell harsh and a little sweet. After exhaling, the smoke from Green Dream tastes like burned pine needles. Green Dream’s cannabinoid level can be as high as 25% THC. This strain shines in its high effects even though it manages pain nicely.

At Rocket Seeds, we are always looking for new varieties to add to our sizable stock of premium regular, feminized, autoflowering, and high-CBD seeds. It guarantees that we can offer a wide range of options to growers with all expertise and preferences at affordable pricing.

What is Green Dream Strain?

A Sativa-dominant hybrid cross between Green Crack and Blue Dream, the Green Dream strain. The THC content of a strain might be every experienced user’s fantasy, but it might just as well be a new user’s worst nightmare. Green Dream is a highly potent strain with a maximum THC content of 25%, and it is known for its intense cerebral high. In other words, Green Dream Strain can stimulate the mind in a way that piques one’s imagination, enabling users to think more imaginatively.

This mental stimulation frequently comes with joyful ideas and a strong sense of euphoria, which might enhance social conduct. Told, the head buzz of this strain is invigorating for the mind. The implications worry recreational and medical cannabis users the most, not the fact that it matters. It does not let you down in this area. The first few hits will give you an uplifting high, but after that, you’ll enter a completely relaxed state of mind and body. Your entire body is overcome by the physical high, which causes you to feel drowsy and couch-locked for a considerable time.


  • With a dash of pine added, the majority of the scent remains. It tastes and smells zesty and lemony, which makes it incredibly smooth and gentle on the throat and lungs.


  • With traces of skunk, Green Dream Strain has a pleasant, citrusy, nutty, fruity flavor and scent.


  • It is a plant with elongated, brilliant green leaves, a beige hair-like texture, and white resins wrapping around its tiny, compact buds. Short marijuana plants bearing heavy, pepper-shaped buds, long, light-green leaves, and hairs with an amber tint and sticky trichome coating make up the strain.

Strain Profile

  • Strain Parents: Green Crack x Blue Dream
  • Strain Dominant: Sativa-dominant
  • CBD Content: 0.6%
  • THC Content: Up to 25%
  • Flowering Time: 8 weeks

Green Dream Strain Growing Information

From planting to harvest, Green Dream Strain may take approximately 8 weeks. It can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. It can grow to 60 to 100 cm, which is the perfect size for a garden shed or balcony. Even under a 600 watt grow bulb, indoor yield can range from 400 to 550 grams per square meter.

When cultivated outdoors, it produces between 30 and 200 grams per plant, depending on the climate, the nutrients, the environment, the growers’ abilities, and their attention. For the plants to flourish, put them in a warm, humid, and temperature-controlled environment. The development of the plant’s powerful nuggets can be accelerated with the SOG technique.

Green Dream Strain Medical Benefits

Considering Green Dream Strain relaxes the entire body, it is appropriate for people with mild to severe chronic pain. This strain is an excellent choice or option for those who frequently experience migraines or severe headaches and will find long-term relief from it, although it will be slow to start. When using this strain for the first time, be aware that it gives you a powerful feeling that might cause a lot of flightiness, which can be harmful if you’re not used to it.

Physical discomforts like Fatigue, anxiety, depression, and other mental ailments can be relieved by its uplifting effects. Therefore, people with mild to severe chronic pain can take this strain since it calms the entire body. Body pain reduction, muscular relaxation, and chronic pain alleviation are all aided by analgesic and anti-inflammatory characteristics. It is effective at treating sleep disorders like insomnia. Its relaxing and calming properties help the body and mind unwind to prepare for a restful night’s sleep.

Final Thoughts

Because of its citrusy scent and taste, which has a sweet and nutty flavor with a hint of spicy skunk as a finish, Green Dream passes off as a pleasant and dreamy strain, so you wouldn’t anticipate it to have substantial effects. Purchase the seeds from Rocket Seeds. We only offer seeds that our seed genetic experts have cultivated to the highest standards. Join our growing community and contact us from Australia. Order right away to get started growing your plant. It guarantees that we can offer a wide range of options to growers with all expertise and preferences at affordable pricing.