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Guava Kush Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Guava Kush is known for potent effects, due to its high levels of THC. It is known to produce a relaxing and euphoric high that is perfect for unwinding after a long day.

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Guava Kush Autoflowering marijuana seeds are a popular strain among cannabis cultivators due to their unique flavor and potency. It has the ability to grow quickly and easily. Allowing them to flower without the need for specific lighting schedules, making them ideal for beginner cultivators.

It can be difficult to find Guava Kush, which is a very rare strain. Its tropical flavor and scent profile reflect the fruit after which it was named. Like other marijuana hybrid strains, Guava Kush Strain has a well-balanced high that doesn’t leave you feeling drowsy or overly active. excellent for keeping you busy all day.

You like what you hear? Purchase Guava Kush Strain Marijuana Seeds from Rocket Seeds to get a taste of it. For growers with goals for both personal usage and professional success, this current variety is suitable.

What is Guava Kush?

The strain is a hybrid of two popular strains, Guava and OG Kush, which are known for their distinct aromas and effects. With this strain, you may anticipate a potent high because it has a high THC content of about 21%. This cannabis strain is visually distinguished by a mixture of light and dark green, amber hair, and a coating of frosty trichomes.

This Sativa-dominant strain has participated in the LA Cannabis Cup in 2014 despite its rarity. Guava Kush Strain  gives you an increase in creative energy that will allow you to express yourself however you see fit while also easing your physical aches and pains. Expect your body to start buzzing and tingling after inhaling this herb as ease and relaxation permeate throughout your limbs.

After consuming this strain, expect your body to start twitching and humming as relief and stimulation permeate throughout your limbs. Following this state of physical relaxation, consumers experience a distinct, mild, cerebral buzz that encourages creativity.


  • Aromas of citrus and lavender are released. The same notes are present but stronger once the smoke touches the taste buds. An earthy aftertaste persists on exhale. Tropical fruits are also powerfully odorized by this, which is rather noticeable.


  • Tropical fruit flavor and a sweet citrus and earthy fragrance with hints of gasoline characterized by the Strain.


  • The Guava Kush Strain develops into a towering tree with long purple and green leaves, amber-colored hairs, and deep-green nugs dusted with sweet resin.  These gorgeous buds will change from one rapid hit to a variety of green shades. With shades of olive green, woodland green, and kelly green, this bud is a visual feast.

Strain Profile

  • Strain Parents: OG Kush x Guava
  • Strain Dominant: Sativa-dominant
  • CBD Content: 1%
  • THC Content: 21%
  • Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks

Guava Kush Growing Information

Cannabis seeds from the Guava Kush strain may flourish in both indoor and outdoor environments within 8-9 weeks. When growing this strain you must maintain the temperature between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius and the humidity at 65% or less. To control the Guava Kush Strain strain’s height and promote a more horizontal growth to conserve vertical space, use the SOG method.

Guava Kush marijuana plants can yield up to 550 grams of marijuana per plant in just 7 to 9 weeks when grown outdoors. For them to function at their peak, place them in a warm, dry, and sunny area. Since the plants have a tendency to overgrow, trimming and topping may be necessary.

Guava Kush Medical Benefits

You experience a very light and modest high that doesn’t interfere with your body’s natural processes at its height. Due to this, Guava Kush is an excellent option for medical marijuana users who want milder strains. Patients who use this indica-dominant strain report feeling relaxed and relieved after a highly pleasurable muscle therapy session that relieves mild cases of pain and body discomfort. It is a quality that will be effective in treating illnesses like multiple sclerosis, crippling chronic pain, body swell, stiffness in the joints, migraines, and less severe body aches.

This marijuana strain is a popular choice for treating some mood disorders and bipolar diseases because to the subsequent mental stimulation. Guava Kush’s uplifting thoughts help to lessen the symptoms of chronic anxiety, panic attacks, mental strain, stress, and sadness.

Final Thoughts

Users will experience a cerebral and uplifting high that can leave them feeling energized and focused. This strain is perfect for those looking to enhance their creativity and productivity. This is also excellent for reducing pain and elevating mood. You may unwind and enjoy for hours on end on a tropical beach after smoking this strain.

Overall, this is a great choice for those looking for a unique and potent strain with a quick and easy growth process. Enjoy a unique experience when you purchase Guava Kush Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds here at Rocket Seeds, this will be a staple to your day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Guava Kush sativa or Indica?

Guava Kush is a mouthwatering tropical exotic that thrives indoors, blossoms in 8 weeks, and grows to a modest height like other Kush strains. Despite having a high yield, this sativa-dominant strain has a wide, bushy shape and little stretch.

What is Guava strain good for?

A warm or tingling sensation that may travel throughout the body and induce relaxation has been reported by some people. This strain has reportedly been used to relieve chronic pain and sleeplessness, according to some of its supporters. Others could fall asleep as the euphoria faded off.

What are the effects of Guava Kush?

Aside from its cerebral effects, Guava Kush also offers a strong body high that can leave users feeling relaxed and sedated. This makes it a great option for those looking to relieve stress, anxiety, and pain.

The flavor and aroma of Guava Kush are also noteworthy, with notes of tropical fruits and sweet earthiness. This makes it a delicious strain to smoke or vape, and its unique terpene profile is sure to please even the most discerning palate.