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Kush XL Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Experience Kush XL Strain’s incredible effects. It is a little, compact plant that, when nurtured covertly, will show its worth. You can expect robust yields and results when you grow this potent strain.

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Experience Kush XL Strain’s incredible effects. It is a little, compact plant that, when nurtured covertly, will show its worth. You can expect robust yields and results when you grow this potent strain. It is the remedy for pain, tension, anxiety, and depression. To unwind after a challenging day, smoke some Kush XL. It’s best reserved for late-night relaxation or sedation sessions with a side of laughter. Enjoy a unique experience when you purchase Kush XL Marijuana Seeds here at Rocket Seeds. This will be a staple to your day. Your order will be delivered to you quickly, discreetly, and with the utmost care to maintain the viability of the seeds.

What is Kush XL Strain?

A legendary Kush strain and a Ruderalis were crossed to create the autoflowering, Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain known as Kush XL Autoflower. The THC content of this strain Kush XL autoflower, ranges from 14–17%. The THC may appear low by today’s standards, but there is more to it than just the concentration.

The Ruderalis genetics of this strain results in a small, stocky plant that is suited for a grow room or even a stealth box, and that is not reliant on light cycles. This is the rationale behind why the majority of growers favor using this plant for covert cultivation. Experience a potent, long-lasting buzz. The influence slowly but persistently takes hold. Pains in the body and negative thoughts fade. Use this midnight strain sparingly to get a relaxing body stone. It can be hard to resist but resist the temptation to consume too much of this sweet delight. It causes a strong couchlock that lulls you into a restful slumber.


  • Kush XL Strain emits some of the iconic scents of the famed OG Kush. Its powerful cannabis smell is mixed with earthy aromas and is mellowed by the fresh pine breeze.


  • You’ll start to detect the distinctive perfume that the Kush XL strain inherited from her ancestry as she blooms and develops an aromatic blend of hashy, pine notes that combine to provide an earthen, musky aroma.


  • It is small and stocky. One of the best examples of Kush with dense nugs covered in a thick layer of fragrant crystals is Kush XL autoflower. The word “Kushy” is frequently used to describe the potent earthy, piney aroma from the blossoms.

Strain Profile

  • Strain Parents: OG Kush x Ruderalis
  • Strain Dominant: Indica-dominant
  • CBD Content: 2%
  • THC Content: 17%
  • Flowering Time: 7 to 8 weeks

Kush XL Strain Growing Information

A growing subtropical environment with temperatures between 21 and 26 degrees Celsius and humidity levels between 40% and 50% is preferred by Kush XL Strain. Humidity must be further reduced to prevent mold growth and pest infestation on the buds immediately before harvest. Even multiple Kush XL Autoflower plants can be grown in a little grow tent or cabinet. Nevertheless, given that autoflowering plants can only produce very tiny yields, stress training methods like the Sea of Green (SOG) approach can induce this plant to enhance its outcomes.

Indoor gardeners can anticipate a result of 400 grams per square meter when the necessary circumstances are present for growth. This strain is best grown outdoors for higher yields because each plant may produce up to 200–300 grams of buds. These plants will thrive as long as they are grown in an environment that is warm and partly humid, like the Mediterranean temperature.

What are the Medical Benefits of Kush XL?

Kush XL Strain is known for its many health-promoting qualities in the medical marijuana community. When used in the right quantities, it can offer quick-acting head-to-toe relaxation. She is naturally a strain of cannabis that calms the more negative tendencies of the human mind and keeps intrusive thoughts at bay since she gives the gift of euphoria and raises mood to everyone who consumes this weed. Those dealing with mental health issues, including anxiety, stress, depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD, can find solace in her positive effects because she brings positivity and joy.

Final Thoughts

Kush XL’s effects gradually untangle mental tangles and settle your muscles into a state appropriate for sleep, and you will sleep profoundly and heavily since they raise your mood and calm your body. This strain’s ability to treat physical and mental illnesses while being used for recreational purposes is just one illustration of her versatility. She also has a smooth, earthy, and hashy smoke. Here at Rocket Seeds, we guarantee you the best quality of these seeds to improve your growing and smoking experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Kush make you feel?

Kush strains are primarily Indica or hybrids, which could leave you sleepy and calm. Kush strains are popular among medical marijuana users because of their capacity to relieve pain. You might also get a mild euphoria and focus from some kush strains.

What does Kush smell like?

There are many different aromas, including floral, earthy, spicy, pine, incense, sweet fruit, pepper, citrus, gas, and herbs. Flavor: The smoke or vapor should taste like flowers, grapes, diesel, citrus, and soil. It should be smooth and herbal.

What are XXL strains?

The XXL autoflowering seeds combine high yields with rapid flowering to provide the best automatic strains. The top automated marijuana strains, ideal for growing indoors or outdoors, are included in today’s list