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Early Miss Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Early Miss Strain is one of the most well-known Spanish genetics. This is a hybrid strain produced by White Widow with Premium Big Bud Strain.

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Let Early Miss strain kiss your tension and worry away as you unwind. This breed is Indica-dominant and possesses strong, steady genes that can manage pain, stress, and anxiety. This strain is also a medicinally effective pain reliever because of its 20% THC level makes for a potent effect.

It has a subtle, calming effect that gradually takes hold of you. You’ll feel at ease, content, and optimistic after it. Enjoy a unique experience when you purchase Early Miss Strain Autoflower Marijuana Seeds from Crop King Seeds available here at Rocket Seeds.

What is Early Miss Strain?

Big Bud and Original White Widow, two outstanding strains, were mixed to create the Early Miss Strain. It is a strain from Spain that is 60% Indica by composition. Additionally, it has 10% Ruderalis and 30% Sativa genetics. This strain is well-known and frequently used for pain management, all because of its trustworthy and strong genetics.

Crop King Seeds came up with the idea for Early Miss. As this strain provides a profoundly calming high in addition to a diverse flavor profile. It also contains between 15% and 21% THC. It’s a good idea to have some of this on hand for when you just want to relax and get high. Early Miss Strain is known for having a gentle calming effect that penetrates every inch in your body. This wonderful weed will knock all your stress out cold because of the THC level of this particular strain. You should be drawn in by its aroma alone, a delicious combination reminiscent of this strain’s parents.

The yield is quite astounding, which is typical of the majority of Autoflowering strains. With the Early Miss Strain breed, you can count on nothing less than quality thanks to its strong genetic foundation. The best treatment for common bodily conditions that just won’t go away is this.


  • The exhale of herb dank may also cause coughing, especially if you are a newbie. After smoking this strain, you’ll continue to feel inspired.
  • Its smoke is much creamier and velvetier to inhale thanks to accents of earthiness and gentle pine. There will undoubtedly be a mint and spice trail left behind when you exhale this strain.


  • This strain’s flavor and scent are frequently compared to chili pepper. Like its parent, it is quite powerful and gives off a euphoric high while also being deeply calming.
  • Users of the Early Miss strain will undoubtedly have their mouths open due to its flavor. Your mouth will be stimulated, and the smoke will have a very smoky and spicy flavor.


  • Like its forerunners, Early Miss Strain is very attractive. Although it is smaller, it nevertheless produces stunning buds with deep green and occasionally purple hues. Each is also generously covered in trichomes.
  • Flowers of this strain are curved, spade-like structures that range in size from small to larger. The buds have the compact, thick structure that is typically found in other indica-dominant strains.
    These buds are covered with resinous drips due to the parent strain White Widow, which has a tendency for heavy trichome production.

Strain Profile

  • Strain Parents: Big Bud x Original White Widow
  • Strain Dominant: Indica-dominant
  • CBD Content: 0.70%
  • THC Content: 15-20%
  • Flowering Time: 7 weeks

Early Miss Strain Growing Information

At 7 weeks, this strain begins to flower quickly and is simple to grow. This indica-dominant variety can give you a generous yield and can be cultivated outdoors throughout the year as long as the temperature is above 10C. Early Miss Autoflowering is a strain that is easy to moderately grow and flowers quickly. You can tell it’s ready to be harvested by the thick, resin-coated buds. You can anticipate a yield of up to 100 grams in an outdoor setting. On the other hand, a yield of 200 grams is anticipated in an indoor setting.

What are the Medical Benefits of Early Miss Strain?

You may anticipate that the Early Miss strain, with a THC content level of 20.06%, will help you relax, especially after a stressful day at work. For instance, the aroma is all it takes to draw you in and maintain your attention on the present. It can aid patients with attention deficit disorder in maintaining single-task focus, and the radiant euphoria it produces might momentarily relieve the signs of stress and depression. The ability of this strain to manage pain has led to its use in pain therapy for patients who use medical marijuana. Even though it might not totally eliminate the cause of the pain, it does aid in coping with it. Smoking this substance has a calming effect and a 20% THC concentration level.

Final Thoughts

Early Miss Strains’ genealogy may be traced all the way back to Spain’s flowering gardens, much like many other high-end and well-known strains. When using this strain, you will experience an extremely relaxing and soothing high that permeates your entire body and leaves you feeling incredibly at peace.

One of the key reasons why so many cannabis farmers and smokers have jumped on board with this alluring strain is the flavors! Despite the fact that this doesn’t exactly sound like a strain combination, the breeders did a good job of fusing all of them to create a distinct and incredibly addictive smoking experience! Try this strain from Rocket Seeds available here on our website!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Early Miss strain yield?

Early Miss produces up to 4 ounces per plant and up to 7 ounces per square meter indoors.

What is early miss?

Early Miss is a cannabis strain that has been bred for early auto flowering, actually sounds like a rare flower that only blossoms in the morning. Early Miss, created by Crop King Seeds, is a hybrid between the notoriously resinous White Widow and the highly productive Big Bud.

What are the origins of the Early Miss strain?

A hybrid between Big Bud and White Widow produced Early Miss.