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Afghan Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

The original Kush plants from Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush region are the ancestors of the Indica breed known as Afghan Strain.

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Afghan Strain

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This Afghan Strain, Autoflowering variety will be your “Go-to-weed” when seeking to combat fatigue or experience an energizing stimulation, one should not turn to this pure Indica strain with a hint of Ruderalis. Instead, it’s a calming strain, ideal for tranquil evenings or for people who simply want to unwind after a long day.

These seeds are simple to grow even for novices because the plant is hardy and prospers in any environment, whether it is indoors or out. Growers should keep this in mind while choosing a location because the strain’s stimulating aroma may make it difficult to grow it covertly.

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What is Afghan Strain?

This cannabis plant produced by the genetic fusion of an Afghani and a Lowryder with a Ruderalis strain in Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush region is the Afghan Strain. An Indica-dominant strain with high THC content.

With just two puffs, you can experience a calming cerebral high that will carry you away on a cloud of happiness. As cheerful excitement takes control, all the heavy emotions vanish. It is an excellent option for the end of a tough day because it can help you relax and get rid of any stress or anxiety that might prevent you from sleeping. It can also ease pain that is keeping you from sleeping

Additionally, it is well known for producing a joyful or euphoric feeling, while producing what is recognized as a “couch-lock” response the majority of the time. It has an earthy and lemony flavor that causes the user to feel deep total relaxation. Start off cautiously and avoid going overboard.


  • Aroma is highly addictive once lit up because of its potent earthy and pine-like. As the smoke diminishes, a faint sweet and flowery scent lingers.


  • Flavor’s a little bit peppery, earthy, piney, sweet, and citrusy. The citrusy-sweet flavor promotes deeper sleep and relieves stress and anxiety.


  • Buds are tough, short, and bushy. Like a Christmas tree, the nugs have a resin coating. Expect thick smoke, which is typical of most Indica-dominant strains.

Strain Profile

  • Strain Parents: Low Ryder x Afghani
  • Strain Dominant: Indica
  • CBD Content: Low
  • THC Content: 18%
  • Flowering Time: 70-80 days

Afghan Strain Growing Information

Growing Afghan Strain seeds (Autoflowering) is best suited for advanced and intermediate growers. You must choose between soil and hydroponics as they start to grow. They thrive in both, but each requires different upkeep. It has a flowering duration of 70- 80 days despite being an autoflowering type.

A warm, Mediterranean climate with clear skies and average humidity is necessary for outdoor cultivation. Make sure the pH levels are between 5.8 and 6.2 if you’re planting your Afghan auto seeds directly in the ground.

For protection from extreme weather, erect a canopy. Your plants can move around because you’re growing the vegetables in pots. When a storm is coming, you can move them to a protected spot. Additionally, relocating your crops in the event of bug infestations is simpler. Root growth is restricted, which is the biggest downside.

Although some growers cut their Afghan Strain plants, doing so is dangerous because you can’t increase their lifespan. No matter how many hours of light they get, it moves from one developmental stage to the next. Using a cycle of 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness is a good choice. Therefore, crops don’t require much supplemental feeding, but small amounts of macronutrient feeds improve their health.

Afghan Strain Medical Benefits

Those with sleeping difficulties have found Afghan Strain’s potent sedative effects to be helpful without experiencing the grogginess associated with pharmaceutical medicines. In fact, it stimulates hunger, which is appealing to people dealing with eating disorders, chemotherapy, or radiation treatment.

Strain’s hunger sensation is beneficial to chemotherapy patients and people with eating disorders, and it may momentarily ease patients’ nausea and vomiting. This strain makes food enticing and eating enjoyable, which ultimately causes weight gain. It also relieves inflammation and pain from the muscles and nerves, making it a favorite among those with arthritis, migraines, and similar conditions.

Final Thoughts

This Afghan Strain is best reserved for evening or midnight use because of its strong soothing impact. It is best used at night because of its strength, which makes you feel sleepy. Depending on the user’s tolerance and dosage, it produces a strong body relaxing effect that can make you tired or even lethargic. However, it’s also known to give you a euphoric boost.

At Rocket Seeds, we assure you that it is the best option for your growing needs. It’s best to start out slowly because this strain could make you feel couchlocked. It is therefore best saved for nighttime use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Afghan a Sativa or Indica?

Afghani is a genuine “landrace” variety that is indigenous to the highlands of Afghanistan. It is an Indica-only breed valued for its strength and robust genetics.

Is Afghan Strain easy to grow?

Since Ruderalis is a native of Russia and is used to shorter growing seasons, it has evolved the capacity to flower on its own within a few weeks because it is used to shorter growing seasons and doesn’t require a lot of sunlight. In spite of the grower’s minimal labor, the production can still be substantial due to the plant’s resistance to temperature, pests, and diseases.

Is Afghan Kush the same as Afghani?

Its ancestry can be traced all the way back to the Hindu Kush mountainous region close to the Afghanistan–Pakistan border, where the Indica strain Afghani originated. Initially, it was developed to develop the ideal and strong cannabis variety for making sticky, dark Afghani hash. Afghan Kush has a high level of 17% and a THC level content of 13%–14%.

Why is it called Afghan Kush?

Cannabis is now also referred to as “kush” in slang. Kush Cannabis derives its name from the Hindu Kush range of mountains and is primarily derived from outcross plants in Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan, and North-Western India.

How many Afghan Strains are there?

From Afghani’s illustrious ancestry, more than a hundred strains have been produced, including Blueberry, Grape Ape, LA Confidential, Northern Lights, and Purple Kush.